A model's wish

Leora is a perfect teenager. Her friends and family are thrilled when she bags a job modeling for a fancy label. But Leora isn't happy with her modeling career ahead of her; can her dreams lead her on in life or will her stunning figure make her be stuck modeling for the rest of her life?


2. Deliberation in a discussion

"i'm so jealous of you Leora!" my friend kirstie says.

"yeah, you're really lucky!" my other friend becky says.

         We are having a sleepover and discussing my new contract. Both of my friends are thrilled and so is my family; it seems i'm the only one who's not. I've always wanted to be a fashion designer but my looks got me enrolled to be a model not a designer.


    I've got a scrapbook that's very precious to me in which i create dresses and outfits but i've never let anyone see it- not even kirstie and becky. This contract with Minnie's has been a very pensive topic for me to consider over the past few weeks. Everybody assumes that i'll be accepting but i'm not so sure....


    "something's troubling you", kirstie says," i can tell."

 " well i'm not very sure whether I want to accept this contract." i say slowly.

" are you a complete brain donor or what?!" becky splutters.

" this is Minnie's we're talking about! It's like the trendiest, coolest, amazingest clothing brand ever!"

"no,no it's not Minnie's i'm pondering about, it's my modeling career. I dont think i'd like to be a model all of my life! I'd rather DO something rather than BE something. I dont want to model the clothes...i want to design them."

My two best friends exchange looks of exhasperation and confusion. I knew they wouldn't understand. . .

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