The Lover's War

Love has been around for an eternity, of course that does not mean that the master of love has been around that long. Sometimes the gods are younger than you dare to believe.


5. seduction

Posiden stood in front of me, his eyes glazed down my body and desire ripped through me. What the hell was I doing, I had known this man for all of a few hours and I was already lusting after him. Still, I couldn't help the way my body ached to touch him, it was almost as if I were possessed. I watched intently as he undressed, trying to keep my eyes on his upper half not matter how hard it was. The water seemed to get hotter when Posiden got in, I didn't know why, I didn't care.

"I find it better when the water is scorching your skin. Don't you?" He asked and I nodded my head. He was the one who was making me feel like I was on fire right now, next to that the water felt mildly warm. I squirmed a bit and Posiden smiled, his smile was sexy and hot. 

"Tell me Posiden, what is it like to be a goddess, what do I have to do?" I asked, wanting to take away some of the heat I was feeling, his answer didn't help with that. 

"You don't have to really do anything, being  god basically means you get to stay young and beautiful forever, and that you can have an eternity of great sex. especially you since you are the goddess of love and lust." He stated and my stomach clenched. I stretched my arms upwards, trying to work out some of the ache in my body. Suddenly Posiden pounced on me and pinned me against the edge of the spring, his hands at my waist and his muscular body pressed tightly against mine. I gasped and arched my hips forward a bit, then he slammed his mouth down unto mine. 

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