The Lover's War

Love has been around for an eternity, of course that does not mean that the master of love has been around that long. Sometimes the gods are younger than you dare to believe.


3. Olympus


Hera and Zeus led me into a large room where many people stood staring at us as we entered. I stopped for a second but continued swiftly when I felt Posiden touch my arm. There was something reassuring about the gesture but he could have just wanted me to keep walking.

“This is Aphrodite, we have reason to believe she could be the goddess of love and lust, we have set you up like this as a test to ensure if we are correct.” Hera said as she smiled fondly over at me, I looked down at the floor.

“Aphrodite, we need you to tell us which of these couples are really in love and which are just set up randomly.” Zeus explained for me, he looked bored with the whole thing, I wondered if that was his usual attitude. Tell them who was in love? That was my speciality. I pondered how to go about this and them was struck with an idea.

“I need them to look at each other.” everyone looked confused but consented, in  just those few looks shared between the couples I saw everything I could need to see as I went around the room, I walked back to the third pair and held out my hand as I gestured to them.

“These two are in love, the others are not, and you can tell by the way they look at each other, like they can see everything beautiful in the world just by looking at the other person. Like you suddenly have hope and faith because that person exists, that’s what I see when these two look at each other.” I say and everyone looks impressed. I don’t doubt what I’ve said even if I am wrong, I would never doubt my talent for match making.

“Aphrodite you are completely correct, you truly are the goddess of love, welcome to your new home, welcome to Olympus.” Hera said and I almost fainted, what did she mean new home? I had to go back home, I had to go back to Carla and Brisais. My heart pounded in my chest and I wondered if they could really keep me here if I was a goddess. I back away slowly and the smile on her face fades, clearly she hadn’t anticipated that I might not want to leave my home. A look of understanding crosses Posidon's and Zeus’s faces, I began to hyperventilate.

“I can’t stay here; I can’t leave my home, my family and friends.” I said and try to calm my breathing but I can’t. I can feel myself starting to get light headed from the heavy breathing, in moments I will surly pass out and that won’t help me. Firm hands grip my upper arms as I swoon, they hold me up as I struggle to fight off a faint. A soft growl comes from one of the goddesses and the insignia of an owl on her dress shoulder shows she must be Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. I look up slowly to see that is posiden holding me, Athena must not like that posiden was helping me. I wondered why. I couldn’t stop my panting no matter how hard I tried, a thick mist was wrapping itself around my mind and everything was going dark. I could see that Hera was distressed at the sight of my sagging body so I tried to come around; it was like my body was refusing to obey me though.

“Aphrodite, are you ok?” I could hear posiden right in front of me but I couldn’t answer, someone walked over to me and placed a hand on my forehead. I instantaneously felt better, I found that my breathing had returned to normal and I could stand properly, my vision was better.  I thought I heard posiden sigh in relief but then shook the thought from my head. When I realised it was the girl from the couple I had pointed out to be in love who had helped me I smiled. The girl seemed just as young as me if not younger, her hair was a very dark black and her eyes were brown, I could see a pink light radiating around her. I could see it on me too; hell I could see it on all the goddesses. The gods were different, they radiated a red light, and maybe it was a show between males and females, which seemed sexist to me somehow. I pulled myself free of Posidon's grip; he squeezed my arm quickly before letting go of me. Hera came forward and placed one of her small hands on my shoulder as if in understanding, maybe she did understand.

“Dear Aphrodite, we know this must be hard since you have grown up believing you were human but please, give Olympus a chance and stay. If you become too displeased to stay here you are welcome to leave.” Hera said and I simply could not deny her. I was intrigued to find out more about myself, more about where I came from. As I glanced around the room I found that only one person was not smiling at me. It seemed I had somehow angered Athena. I nodded my consent and was led out of the room by posiden, as we walked through halls I began to so. I had wanted to know who I was but never did I imagine I would become my own prisoner, I decided I was acting ridicules and wiped my tears away with my fists. Posiden decisively looked unnerved, like my tears made him uncomfortable.

“Have you never dealt with an emotional woman before posiden?” I asked and he looked embarrassed, that brought a smile to my face. He seemed to ease a bit and there was noticeably less tension between us. I was still trying to wrap my head around everything when posiden stopped right outside two large double doors. The design of the pattern was beautiful, it was Roses all carved into the wood, roses were the flower of love, that and tulips and sometimes peonies. Posiden pushed the doors open and I swear I must have gasped, it was absolutely beautiful, more so than the doors. There was a canopy bed at the back of the room in the centre of the back wall; it was a rather large, beautiful sexy pink canopy bed. The room too was a sexy pink colour. Curtains that were embroidered with an intricate flowery pattern hung in front of obviously large windows. The room in itself was quite large, hell it was the size of about ten hotel rooms. I walked over to the windows and looked out; I saw a field of my favourite animals, horses and tortoises, wolves and cheetahs, then there was a lagoon right next to it. In the lagoon I saw dolphins and orcas and… mermaids! I stared at the beautiful girl sitting on a rock next to the lagoon, her red hair going down to her waist; she had a purple tail with a single fin. Beside the mermaid was a merman, he had bronze hair and a blue and green tail, he also had a single fin. I turned around to the sound of the door closing. The gesture reminded me how alone I truly was, depression hugged me like a blanket. I lie down on the bed and begin to cry again.

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