The Lover's War

Love has been around for an eternity, of course that does not mean that the master of love has been around that long. Sometimes the gods are younger than you dare to believe.


2. Goddess


When we finally arrived in Olympia it was raining, I mean it was a massive thunder and fork lightning storm. We hurried into the airport main building and wasted no time calling a taxi to our hotel. I left it to Carla and Brisais to book our room; we decided to get one with three beds so that it would be cheaper. When we were finally settled it was five in the afternoon, Carla wanted to go to a café but Brisais wanted to go to a night club, I had them throw a coin and we ended up at a bar in short dresses and guy quaking at all three of us. Florescent lights skimmed our almost bare legs and arms, our dresses fit snugly around our bodies. The dresses were strapless zip up dresses that you could easily slip off when you wanted to, it looked like Brisais would be slipping hers off sooner than Carla or I would. From across the bar I caught one boy staring at me, I didn’t like the way he looked at me, it made me wriggle in my seat uncomfortably. I looked over to where Brisais and Carla where dancing with a couple of boys, they seemed to be having fun. I sighed and headed over to them, I wasn’t one for dancing but they had a way of pulling me into things. They welcomed me by taking my hands and pulling me closer, which ended up with me closer to one of the boys. Hands softly touched my thighs and I moved away, pretending I was moving with the music. Eventually everyone grew tired and decided it was a good idea to leave, the boys tried to persuade us to go back with them to theirs but it didn’t happen. When the cab came there was only enough room for two so I said I would call for a different one, they drove off after about ten minutes of ensuring I would be ok. I was about to call for another cab when something in the corner of my eye glinted, I turned to see a very old looking temple across the road. I decided that the girls were probably so drunk that they wouldn’t notice if I wasn’t back straight away, looking to see if anyone was watching me I crossed the road and went into the temple. The walls were absolutely beautiful; they were covered in flowery designs that were in different arrays of colour. The floor had a repeated pattern of three circles, each held a different symbol. The first symbol was of a mother holding a child, the second was of what looked to be a wedding and the last seemed to be a family. I remembered that all of these three things were what Hera, the queen of the gods specialised in. this must have been one of Hera’s temples back in ancient Greece when people still believed in things like minitors and sirens and even Cyclopes. When people believed that there was a god for everything, everything but love. I thought back to Greek mythology about the gods and goddesses, Hera was decidedly the goddess of marriage, and family, her husband Zeus was the king of the gods but he was also the god of the sky, in some legends Zeus could transform himself into an eagle. Walking in this temple I believed in the gods more than I ever had before, there was something so familiar about it, kind of like the feeling I got whenever I went swimming. At the back of the temple there was a large throne, it was made of stone like the figure that sat upon it. The figure was that of a woman’s, her hair was long and cascaded down her body to her waist much like mine did, the hair was the only identifiable part of the statue that didn’t look like it could be anyone.  Just on the base of the statue something was written in Greek. Hera, almighty queen of the gods, it read. So this was one of Hera’s temples, I imagined she must have had quite a few in ancient Greece.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” a voice said from behind me and I would have screamed if I could, my heart felt as though it would come out of my throat, I jumped and turned around. The boy from the bar was standing behind me; I glared at him as I waited for my breathing to return to normal. A girl walked up beside the boy and I noticed she looked a lot like Hera from the stone carving. The girl looked like she could be Greek but there was an extra something in there, a more defined beauty that was impossible to miss.

“y-yes, it really is amazing.” I said, I didn’t know why my voice was shaking. The girl’s smile was dazzling; it was almost as though I had paid her the compliment. The boy next to her simply rolled his eyes, like he had heard it a thousand times and perhaps he had.

“Please, do not encourage her, she won’t stop going on about it if you even begin to discuss it with her.” He said and I glared again, I didn’t see the problem in being enthusiastic about such beauty. The girl joined me in a glare at the boy; honestly I swear she looked a bit like me when I scowled.

“Um, I'm Aphrodite; it’s nice to meet you.” I said and the girl smiled at me again. Her smile really was amazing, the boy smiled too and I finally understood the phrase, Greek Adonis.

“I'm Hera, and this is my husband Zeus.” The girl said and I froze. Husband? This girl had to be twenty at the most; I also did a double take at their names. Hera and Zeus, either that was a giant coincidence or this had just turned out to be really freaky. I looked back at the statue long enough to take in the features, the statue did look a lot like this girl. “You know, I find it really strange that we have never met before, we didn’t even know you existed.” The girl continued. Was she kidding? There were over a million people in Greece, why would she know whether I existed or not?

“Um, I live in Athens, why would you know me?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“Well dear, you are a goddess, I'm certain I should know about all goddesses seeing as how I am the queen of the gods.” Hera said with a small little chuckle. I again did a double take, queen of the gods, her name was Hera. Was I hallucinating or was this some giant prank? The girl seemed to be quite serious, I looked over at the boy who she introduced as Zeus and saw that he was giving me a deadly serious look. I was about to say something when another voice interrupted me.

“Hera, Zeus what are you doing here...” another boy entered and his words trailed off at the sight of me. This boy was also rather god like; his face would have made most women swoon, it was certainly having some effect on me. His eyes seemed to shine even though there was very little light on them; they reminded me of my eyes slightly. His hair was a beautiful dirty blond colour.

“Posiden, what can we do for you?” Hera began, I could see that the boy was about to reply but I interrupted him, an eye for an eye.

“Posiden, you mean like the god of the seas?” I asked and Zeus and Hera smiled at me approvingly, posiden just looked at me in question. I tried to remember everything I could about the god posiden, all I could think of was that he was one of three brothers, the top three gods and he was the god of the sea.

“Aphrodite, would you mind telling us what you like to do in your spare time?” Hera asked and I snapped my attention away from gods and goddesses. What I liked to do in my spare time, I did lots of things but I could only think of my favourite thing. The one thing I was an expert in.

“love.” I said even though it wouldn’t have made sense to them.

“Excuse me, did you say love?” posiden asked and I nodded absent minded.

“Yes, I set up couples. I look into people’s hearts and I find compatible people they can date, I help people fall in love.” I said with a smile. I had never really thought of it like that. Hera mirrored my smile and Zeus looked triumphant, again posiden simply looked confused.

“What use is that, it is not productive at all.” Posiden said and I grew angry, what use was love? Love was everything good in the world, it was the only reason this world made any sense.

“What do you mean what use is love? Love is everything. It’s the light in vast darkness; it’s the good in every living thing. If I had to live a thousand years without knowing what love is I would rather die at birth! It’s the only thing anyone should fight for, life is nothing without love.” I say and I realise how worked up I got and how stupid it was. I took a deep breath to compose myself.

“Aphrodite, my husband and I believe you are the goddess of love and lust. We would like to take you to Olympus and test you to see if that is true.” Hera said and I raised one eyebrow at her, surly she wasn’t being serious. Me as the goddess of love and lust, I might be good at helping people fall in love but I was no goddess. Still this could be a laugh, or it could be dangerous, either way I nodded and told them I would take their test. I must have been out of my mind and I was sure they were too when they told we to look out the temple doorway. I snorted but walked over to the doorway, I wasn’t sure what my expression was when I looked out the temple to see that I was no longer across the road from a nightclub. The floors of where I was were made completely of clouds and though beautiful it certainly didn’t look safe. I took one glance back at Hera who nodded, I decided to have a little faith and stepped onto the cloud floor, sure enough it held me up and nothing happened as I began to walk across the floor. 

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