The Lover's War

Love has been around for an eternity, of course that does not mean that the master of love has been around that long. Sometimes the gods are younger than you dare to believe.


1. Aphrodite


When I was a baby I wasn’t born at a hospital like a normal child, my coming into this world was much more interesting than that. A passing cruise ship had found me flouting on a piece of drift wood in the Mediterranean Sea. They hauled me up onto the ship and my parents adopted me and took me home. I got to grow up in Greece even though it was obvious that wasn’t where I was from; none of my features matched that of a Greek girl’s. My hair was a brown with a touch of natural faded red highlights. My eyes are the deepest emerald green and they seemed to sparkle weather they were in the light or not. My skin was tanned but it was obvious that I was born like that and it wasn’t due to the sun’s rays like most Greeks. My features were not sharp enough to be Greek, yet they almost were and would be if my cheeks weren’t that tiny bit fuller. My lips as well were pinker and fuller, my cheekbones were higher up, and in truth I was actually quite pretty if not beautiful. I loved Greece though, it was usually sunny but whenever it rained it was a full on thunder and lightning storm. Another great thing about Greece was how many people fell in love here, I myself often helped set people up on dates at my school, I had never set up a couple who didn’t then fall in love. My friends often said it was my super power but my mother said I was simply a born romantic and was able to see the compatibility in people. I had to admit that I often thought I could write a romance novel or two. My father is an English teacher at a university and my mother owns a book store that we lived on top of. My older brother is called Adrian and he plays music at a night club not ten minutes from our home, sometimes I go with him and sing songs with his band, I'm actually good at singing and English, I think the only thing I am not surpassing the rest of the students in my classes at school is science, for some reason I can’t wrap my head around it. I also love to swim; it’s like my second love next to setting up couples. Sometimes my father jokes that I was born from the sea, sometimes I actually believe I could be because when I'm in the water I feel like I'm home.

“Aphrodite, is that you sweetheart?” my mother called from the kitchen. I smelled something delicious so I knew she was in a good mood.

“Yes it’s me mum, what are you cooking?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

“Just a cake for your father’s fundraiser, I was in the mood and thought they might need refreshments.” My mum said as I rolled my eyes, mum always said food didn’t belong at fundraisers so she must be in a really good mood. Seeing my eye roll my mother chuckled and tossed me an apple, which I then tossed back into the fruit bowl when she wasn’t looking. I absolutely despised apples.

“Ok well you do that but I have to leave now, remember me and Carla and Brisais are all going to Olympia for the next three of months.” I called as I headed out the door; I rushed through the book store and jumped into Carla’s car.

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