Rush to save his life.

Robyn is visited by an old friend, more like enemy's, and what he has to say doesn't make her happy.


1. Unwelcome friend.


I walked up the driveway, listening to my fiancé shouting at someone inside. I looked at the red Cadillac in the driveway and knew instantly who it was. I shook my head wanting to back down the drive when the door swung open. A tall man, not well built but still good looking with dark black hair was thrown out the door. “Get lost Harry! She isn’t interested!” My eyes met my fiancés deep, deep blue eyes and he knew instantly, I didn’t like being told what I could and couldn’t do.


“Hello Harry, I see you have caused a fuss, but what’s new there... Now you going to ask me yourself don’t know what you want but I will listen, then throw you out.” I smiled through gritted teeth, last time I saw him he left me locked in a cellar. I would be dead if Evan never showed up. Evan is the guy who was now marching towards me, eyes filled with rage. I sighed and stopped him in his tracks.


“He was just leaving Robyn.” He glared at Harry, and I laughed. “If that was his choice, he leaves a house in style.” Harry chuckled, walking towards me, grin on his face mocking Evan.

“Nice to see you Robyn, you look good.” He looked me up and down and licked his lips. “Don’t sugar coat it Harry, what do you want?”

“I need a favour.” Harry and I used to be partners, when we worked together, until he left me in the cellar. “Why should I help you?” I was still pretty pissed about that. “Because you are a lovely, magnificent woman, who is practically glowing and I am a charming young man, who you love oh so dearly, and would love to help.” I scoffed. “Oh sorry I forgot to say, congrats.” He gestured towards me. “What?” I looked at Evan; I couldn’t be showing yet... Could I?


“Well you are glowing, as I said. So I presumed.” He gestured towards my stomach. I had totally forgot, Harry could see auroras, and mine would have changed the moment I became pregnant.  “I am, and thank you, but as you can see I am in no position to go on any wild adventures.” I headed towards the house, Evan behind me; I could practically see the grin plastered on his face. “It’s about Greg!” Harry snapped and that got my attention. 

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