Rush to save his life.

Robyn is visited by an old friend, more like enemy's, and what he has to say doesn't make her happy.


2. Brother.


“What have you done to my brother!?”” I shouted in his face, I had my elbow on his throat and he was pinned against the wall. “Not-nothing.” He struggled to speak. While I never talked to harry again, Greg still worked with him. Sure my brother could cast a few spells, save his and Harry’s asses in other words, but he was still young and naive. I pushed harder against his throat. “I-I-I... Ne-need you Ro-R-Robyn.” By this point I thought of letting him go but my arm refused to move.  He clawed at my arm and I dropped him, only for Evan to pick him off the ground and dangle him in the air.


“Robyn please get your wolf boy off me.” Yes Evan was a werewolf, but not the kind you see in movies, he could actually turn into a wolf, not a half man half wolf, an actual wolf. It took a horrible process though.

“Not until you tell me where my brother is.” I stood up tall, even though I was short in size, Evan practically towered over me. “We had a run in with some powerful people, its Dave Sarac. Him and his gang, they caught him. They are bad news Robyn and we need to help him.” His eyes pleaded, but I had to think. I had no contact with my brother, hardly talked since he picked to stay with Harry. I knew this would happen. “WHAT! What were you doing?” I growled. “Whoa! You turning into a wolf girl? I thought you were a witch. You know magical powers, spells. I know you mastered the telekinetic thing as well, moving things with your mind. But...COME ON. You can’t have it all.” It was true you couldn’t have it all, but apparently I could. I had powers, magic and now I was half wolf because of Evan.


“None of your business. Now spill.” I snapped, I didn’t know how much time I would have, how much time Greg would have. “Well what do you think we were doing?” He smirked, and I knew. “What exactly did you do?”

“Well it wasn’t just me. Me and Greg needed a challenge, and we were strolling near Dave’s pad. We found some gold and expensive things and took it. Then thought we would pay, Erica and Jill a visit. You can guess what happened there. Well Dave walked in on me and Greg and well I got out but Greg tried the vanishing spell, you know the one. He had the girls room rigged for the exact reason me and Greg were there. So he couldn’t flash out so we had to run for it. He used some small spells like fog, freeze, explosions, but he couldn’t get out.” He looked at the ground; he still dangled by the collar off the floor.


“So Harry, you thought you could just strut into Dave’s house, the most powerful guy in our world and walk out again? Worst part you took my little brother with you.” I threw my hands in the air; it was like talking to a five year old. “You know what Dave is like, he’s ruthless and cruel. What were you thinking messing about with his daughters?!?!” I was furious, he had gotten my little brother mixed up in his games, and now he faced a death sentence. “We weren’t! Thought we could get out!”

“But you didn’t!!!” I screamed at him, he was lucky we had no neighbours that I lived with Evan and his pack.


“Robyn, if we could get going we could save him faster.” He gestured towards his car. “She isn’t going anywhere!” Evan turned him around to face him. “I thought you realised, she is pregnant! She can’t go anywhere, let alone on a suicidal mission.” He sounded smug but his eyes were filled with the fear that would go. “Evan, it is my brother. If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t go you know that.” I placed a hand on his arm. “I need to save my brother, how would you feel if it was a member of the pack?” He let out a small growl as he dropped Harry to walk in a circle. “I am coming with you.” He pointed a finger at me and I knew I had won. “Of course, wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“Wait, wait, wait, how do I know he won’t eat me in my sleep? Or rip my guts out?” I let out a small laugh. “I’m not promising your safety Harry, just stay on his good side, get us to my brother and you should be safe.” I wasn’t in the mood for joking but that was the truth, at the first sign that I was mad or upset Evan would take care of the problem, like he always does. He tried to get rid of Harry, but I arrived and all that. “Now are we going?” I looked up at Evan and he nodded, and kissed me. It sent a hot flush to my cheeks, and that’s how I know I love him, and for many other reasons. 

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