Lucas Faith

Lucas Faith devotes his life to find his fathers (Pedro Faith) lost soul that was stolen by a dwoven, a possessed creature of darkness that feasts on souls. Lucas has to catch, then kill the dwovens and steal his fathers soul back before the dwovens devour it.


2. Lucas Faith: Dwovens

Soon the full moon spread its silver lights across the lands. To lift our hearts, to warm our souls, to awaken the Dwovens. The whole pack gathered on the snowy cliff in our territory. Father lead the pack midnight song. The midnight song only happens on a full moon, it's when the whole pack sings to the one that leads us through our lives, or as you humans would call it 'the moon'. Father stood proud and strong at the edge of the cliff, he held his head high and stuck out his chest then he began to howl. One after the other we all joined in to the sweet song of 'Full Moon'. Then, my ear twitched. Something was rustling in the bushes, then ... a pair of red eyes emerged from the darkness behind us. I immediately ended my howl and took a few cautious steps closer. Then I found out what it was ... dwoven.         

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