Lucas Faith

Lucas Faith devotes his life to find his fathers (Pedro Faith) lost soul that was stolen by a dwoven, a possessed creature of darkness that feasts on souls. Lucas has to catch, then kill the dwovens and steal his fathers soul back before the dwovens devour it.


1. Lucas Faith: Sitting with father

As I was sitting with father on the rocks I looked down to see my blurred reflection in the diamond blue river. Above me was the pink hazy sky and fluffy clouds flowing across it as if they were swimming ... I didn't know where they were heading to though. Where do the clouds go? On a misty day like this?

My name is Lucas Faith ... I am a wolf with black ears with more white fur on my coat than grey. I am almost an exact replica of my father, Pedro Faith. Except he has more grey fur than white but we all have whiskers like twisted wire. I have a sister, Carli Faith, she is more self centered than everyone else but I still look out for her even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. My mother is Hiba Faith, she comforts all of us with her warm heart and welcoming personality. My father is the leader of our pack and is old but brave and he will stand in the eye of the storm without fear consuming him. I will have to take his place soon as pack leader but I'm not sure if I am ready yet. Father keeps on telling me how great I will be but I know that no one ... and I mean no one can be as amazing as my dad.

He looked at me then stared at his beautiful territory with a proud smile on his face. A bald headed eagle was standing on a rock to the right not far off from where we were sitting. It scanned the waters with it's piercing eyes for a while then adjusted it's wings then it took off, flew up with it's razor sharp talons poised to strike. It plunged down and gave a loud shriek as it skidded along the waters surface then hauled itself up with a helpless salmon clenched in the eagles powerful grip. The eagle landed on the other side of the river ... the salmon struggled a bit but it was all over for the salmon with one massive bite from the strong bald eagle. I watched it pluck at and eat the salmons lifeless body. The bald eagle was full of delight.

"Ah! Son ... the more these white hairs turn to grey the closer you will become leader" He said with a nervous laugh.

"But ... but ... I haven't told you this yet but um ... erm ..." I could feel my cheeks heating up. What would dad say if I told him? I have to though because maybe there could be some changes.

" Um ..."

"What is it? You can tell me"

"Um don't worry it's nothing" FAILURE! ABSOLUTE FAILURE! Darn it! I gritted my teeth hard. I was so angry with myself but then mother came out of the forest to check on us. Father got up and turned round then approached mother and nuzzled her cheek and she licked him just above his golden eye. I can't believe I had to watch that but I wanted to go back to the den anyway. There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to get off my chest, all of us trotted back on the path towards the den. Mum and dad walked ahead leaning their big heads on each other. I was stuck at the back with my head lowered staring at them, is this what love is to them?

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