Family Matters: Life As A Mutant Sequel

about Paige's daughter Carla and has the power of size manipulation (grow/shrink) and can fly like her mother, She has a brother named Aaron with super speed. In this book, C.U.F.M. come back and are seeking revenge on Paige, but she doesn't use her powers for fighting anymore. But when she kidnapped by them, It was up to Carla and Aaron to assemble a team, just like she did to defeat C.U.F.M. once and for all...


3. Chapter 3

The first mutant I went to was a mutant that helped my mother his name was George and he could walk through solid objects. When we arrived at his house we were shocked at what we found, it was a pig sty, all of the house was demolished and all the furniture was in pieces. It looked just like our house after they took mom. But we knew that George had a daughter so me and Aaron went to her and told her about how all of our parents had disappeared. When we spoke to George's daughter, Cindy, she got so angry and upset that she decided to join us on the quest. She told us that she had super strength, she was a good addition to the team. considering there may be heavy lifting involved in the heist to bring back our parents....

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