Family Matters: Life As A Mutant Sequel

about Paige's daughter Carla and has the power of size manipulation (grow/shrink) and can fly like her mother, She has a brother named Aaron with super speed. In this book, C.U.F.M. come back and are seeking revenge on Paige, but she doesn't use her powers for fighting anymore. But when she kidnapped by them, It was up to Carla and Aaron to assemble a team, just like she did to defeat C.U.F.M. once and for all...


2. Chapter 2

My mother and her friends went around America to the prisons where they held the mutants, but my mother told me that they had all been demolished so that they would not be allowed to harm any one else, this would make our journey to find our mom alot harder since we didn't know where their new base could be. I could have grown  300ft tall and yelled out asking where they were.  But before we could think about that, we had to create a group of mutants to help us on our quest.  

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