Family Matters: Life As A Mutant Sequel

about Paige's daughter Carla and has the power of size manipulation (grow/shrink) and can fly like her mother, She has a brother named Aaron with super speed. In this book, C.U.F.M. come back and are seeking revenge on Paige, but she doesn't use her powers for fighting anymore. But when she kidnapped by them, It was up to Carla and Aaron to assemble a team, just like she did to defeat C.U.F.M. once and for all...


1. Chapter 1

I always knew I was going to be a mutant. My mother was, she was the one who helped destroy the evil group of mutant hunters named C.U.F.M, but when I finally got my powers, I was a bit disappointed because I thought I would be able to create force fields like mom, but I got to fly and a really weird power of size manipulation, this meant I could grow my size and shrink myself at will, it was quite weird when I shrank, I almost got squished a few times! I had an older brother named Aaron and he had super speed, an awesome power!

Me, Mom and Aaron were all very happy because mutants lived in peace with normal humans. Until the director of C.U.F.M. was freed from prison and wanted to take revenge on my mother, so when me an my ignorant 16 year old brother went to school, he attacked our home and took my mom, they had managed to get through her force field, how were we supposed to get her back. We had to assemble a team of mutants, just as she did 20 years ago, to get her back....    

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