Slayer In Love?

This story is one of not only love but of vampires and death! This story is of a human, a vampire slayer, who falls in love with one of her victims. So within this story this human has to defend her love for this vampire to her 'teacher' who doesn't think he should still be alive. Read this story to find out more, I'm not very good at summarising. This is my first story so I hope it's good


5. My Talk With Lucas

I rode back home as fast as I could, probably breaking some laws on my way! Even though the argument between me and Lucas was big this morning, I'll forgive him just so we can figure out what to do about this 'Matthew' guy that has decided to show up in town (at the worst possible moment may I add.) Not only am I trying to finish my senior year but I am also trying to get my full qualifications for becoming a vampire hunter, I know, I originally didn't know that you needed qualifications to become a hunter until Lucas told me! I mean it's so stupid, why do you need qualifications, it's not as if you do anything specialist!

When I arrived back to the house I spotted Lucas sat reading one of the oldy books that we have, it's a type of diary that past hunters have left, it contains tips on how to kill a vampire without getting yourself killed, bitten or hurt. "I'm not sorry before you make me try to apologise! I just thought that I should notify you that another vampire is in town, drained Mrs Sue and his name is apparently Matthew," I said to him while hanging up my coat. "I know," he answers I looked at him shocked, how the hell does he know, is it like after you've been a hunter for a while you can just sense when a new vampire is in town?? "How the hell do you know? I mean you just keep yourself in the house all day and read all this boring crap,"  I exclaimed to him. "I know because he came around last night, he couldn't enter the house and he was obviously confused, thanks to your parents who put some sort of herbs around the house which means that the supernatural can't enter the house," he said to me. Thank god to my parents or who knows who or what could have come in here and killed me and Lucas without a second thought.

"Okay, are we gunna do a lesson today or not?" I asked him, he just nodded at me and told me to meet him downstairs at 6pm and we will do a 2 hour session. I love doing our sessions, I always feel so refreshed after them as I then know that I can kill who or whatever tries to hurt me. 

I ran up to my room to get changed into some sweats so that it was easy to move and wouldn't matter if I got hot and sweaty when training. I heard Lucas shout up to me "Ava, come on down let's do the training session!" I called back "Okay," and checked the clock, it was 5:50pm so was close to 6pm anyway.

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