Slayer In Love?

This story is one of not only love but of vampires and death! This story is of a human, a vampire slayer, who falls in love with one of her victims. So within this story this human has to defend her love for this vampire to her 'teacher' who doesn't think he should still be alive. Read this story to find out more, I'm not very good at summarising. This is my first story so I hope it's good


2. My Strange, Strange Morning!

That morning was not going to be normal I could tell, my supernatural senses were telling me! But I got up and did my normal routine of doing a workout, which consists of weights, running and yoga, then having a shower and getting ready. Unfortunately it was a school morning so I had to pack my bag and make sure I had done all of the homework that was set. 

By the time I got downstairs Lucas was there drinking a cup of coffee and reading his voodoo book as I called it, as it contained some spells and potions to help kill or weaken supernatural beings. This was one of the first books I read when I fist learnt about the secret as I found out about everything to protect myself from vervain to wolfsbane, which is a herb that is very similar to vervain but has the effects on a werewolf instead of a vampire. It taught me about how vampires may try and change your mind as to kill them, they'll use mind control to make you do things that they want you to do, but there are tricks around it. For example, by making a simple potion and drinking every morning you'll be immune to the mind control for the rest of the day, so me and Lucas drink the potion in our coffee as it tastes so much better!

Anyway back to the story, I waved to Lucas and he just looked me up and down and said to me "Are you really going out like that?" In all honesty I didn't get what he meant, my outfit was fine, a pair of shorts, vest top and a leather jacket over the top with some flip-flops as it was sunny out. "Yep, you gotta problem with it?" I replied back. "Yes I do I mean where are you going to hid your weapons and those shorts are way to short" he nearly shouted at me. I don't get why he's being like this he's not my dad, he's just a replacement and I'm 21 I can do what I want right? Well he thought that he had to make me the good person that my dad always wanted, someone who abided by rules and didn't do any mistakes or any wrong. But that's not going to happen, killing someone is wrong and not abiding by the rules but I still do that because of the vampires, they are technically people, who may or may not have feelings, it just depends on whether they have switched them off.

 So I decided to argue back "YOUR NOT MY DAD!!! I know that may hurt but your not! You just wanted to make me a good person but how am I when I kill people on a daily basis.."

 "They are not people, they are vampires who are evil!!" he interrupted. 

"But they have feelings, at least some of them do! I had a dream last night that I met a vampire, one who wasn't bad like the ones who killed my parents. I may be harsh on vampires but I know that some must be good, I have hope!" I replied.

"Why have hope? They are all evil, they all kill innocent human beings for food!! What has made you change your mind about vampires?" He asked.

"Nothing I just woke up with a different perspective on them! And what about the vampires that I read about in your little voodoo book, the ones that don't kill humans, they kill animals and drink blood from blood banks!" I argued.

"Well in all my years of being alive I haven't heard of one of those vampires..."

"You know what I'm going out, I'll be back later on when I've let off some steam!" I interrupted him and I stormed out of the door and onto my motorbike, and I drove away I wasn't sure where I was going to end up, I just knew I was going to be far away from him at that point.    

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