Slayer In Love?

This story is one of not only love but of vampires and death! This story is of a human, a vampire slayer, who falls in love with one of her victims. So within this story this human has to defend her love for this vampire to her 'teacher' who doesn't think he should still be alive. Read this story to find out more, I'm not very good at summarising. This is my first story so I hope it's good


3. My Ride Around Town

After walking out and getting on my motorbike I needed to let off some serious steam, so decided to ride to the woods which is the main place I go because it's so peaceful and it's also the place where my parents met for the first time! Lucas had no right telling me what to do when he's not related to me! He needs to understand that some people don't want to see the bad in other things, the look on the positive or at least try to. He really needs to get someone else to rant to I hate it, my parents would never do that to me, they would listen to my opinions! 

After walking around the woods for a bit I decided to ride into town as we needed so groceries, but when I got there, there was a big commotion in the square. My friend Annie ran up to me and told me what was going on " Someone's died, an animal attack. It was old Mrs Sue the women who owned the sweet shop down the road! And this new guy has also arrived and he is HOT!" I laughed a little, trust Annie to do that at a time like this. " Well he came into town at the wrong point, coincidence or what?!?!?" I mumbled to myself but I could still tell that Annie had heard me which wasn't good, btw she doesn't know about supernaturals. "Ella stop being so suspicious, just because he came at this point in time it doesn't mean he killed her! And he couldn't have as there were bit marks in her neck, signs of an animal attack! So just leave it Ella" I looked at her after she just said that, and thought why is she angry, so I voiced that question. "Because Ella, you always seem to cause trouble when you think of things like that! You're getting bad now I mean the last time you thought something like that you got shot somehow. So just stay out of it" she replied to me looking angry but that quickly turned around as the next second she was squealing and pointing saying "That's he the new dreamy guy." I looked over to him and had to blink, Annie was right he was hot but not my type and he wasn't at all dreamy, up to what Annie was saying!! He looked dark... mysterious and possibly a hit of sexiness, I'm not admitting I like him at all I had to keep an eye out especially with this mysterious killing when he has just come to town. 

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