Slayer In Love?

This story is one of not only love but of vampires and death! This story is of a human, a vampire slayer, who falls in love with one of her victims. So within this story this human has to defend her love for this vampire to her 'teacher' who doesn't think he should still be alive. Read this story to find out more, I'm not very good at summarising. This is my first story so I hope it's good


4. My Meeting With Tall, Dark and Mysterious

I looked over to him, to see him walking over to me and Annie, the latter smiling like a mad man. When he held out his hand I made sure I was polite and shook it saying hello, to which he replied "My name is Matthew but you two lovely ladies can call me Matt."

How dare he think that he can flirt with me and Annie at the same time with me knowing that he is obviously some supernatural creature, I mean it's no coincident that he came into town on the same day and time that  Mrs Sue was sucked dry! 

He was so stupid even if he did have that sexy smirk, but I still don't like him!! "Why are you here Matthew?" I asked him sourly.

"Wow such a warm welcoming committee " he snapped back. I could see that I was starting to push his buttons so I smiled and said "So how old are you? 476 years? 800? Maybe even 900?" He looked freaked out that I may possibly know but that was gone in a blink of a eye. He retaliated with "Actually, I'm 21"

"Yeah but for how long have you been 21?" I shot back. By now Annie had left, probably too embarrassed by me, I mean she didn't know about vampires. "I what you are, you are no Edward Cullen but you'll have to do I guess..." I was looking at him when I suddenly paused "I've seen you before in either a book or on tv or something" He looked at me and said "Yeah my father died and I must have been in the background."

"Oh no! What happened to him? If you don't mind me asking?" I asked him. "Animal bite," he said. I looked at him astonished, "Wow is that the excuse you guys still use, or is it just what us humans say!" He looked at me suspiciously and then said "I don't even know what you're going on about, you must be the crazy girl that every town has. I mean vampires don't existed and if they did wouldn't they die or something in the sunlight or will they sparkle like in that stupid twilight rubbish" He looked so annoyed at me, as if I had pushed too many of his buttons but that wasn't going to make me stop talking, I bet you he will kill someone else soon, he'll get hungry. "I'm not the crazy person for your information, I'm just a bit suspicious because of all of this mayhem going on with Mrs Sue, she was basically my second mother! I must go now anyway I need to go and see my so called guardian because he's probably worried about me or something!" I said and ran off to my bike, where I hopped on and raced home so I could tell  Lucas about this Matthew that's just come into town. 

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