Slayer In Love?

This story is one of not only love but of vampires and death! This story is of a human, a vampire slayer, who falls in love with one of her victims. So within this story this human has to defend her love for this vampire to her 'teacher' who doesn't think he should still be alive. Read this story to find out more, I'm not very good at summarising. This is my first story so I hope it's good


1. My Life in a Nutshell

My name is Ella and my life has recently changed, and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad change. I'm 21 years old and live in the rainy England, I love this place and everything but it needs to have better weather. 

My life has recently become more exciting and action filled, all because of one secret that my parents kept from me, and that didn't end up doing them any good. They are both dead, that's the main reason I got told the secret but I wish they had told me earlier and then they wouldn't be dead. You see, they both got killed by some vampires, I know right the stuff of myths and legends are actually real, I saw them both being killed right in front of me as I hid because I didn't know what to do. If they would have told me this secret earlier then I would have been able to save them or at least try and save them, not to sit there and watch! But vampires aren't the only things of myths and legends that are real, so are werewolves, but I've never met one of those in my life so far but I suspect I will. 

You want to know how I got told this secret right? Well a man who was great friends with my parents eventually told me, 1 year after my parents death! I tried to deal with the secret but I couldn't handle it, I started to act out, I keep thinking that it's my fault that my parents are dead but their friend always tells me that it's not, it's the supernatural's fault. I've only recently actually got that, that if the supernatural's weren't out to kill or they weren't alive at all then my parents wouldn't be dead. 

This man that I keep talking about is called Lucas, he's my mentor/teacher and also my guardian, as my parents named him in their will as my guardian. In case you were wondering my parents died 5 years ago when I was 16 years old, I was so near to not needing a guardian but I guess if Lucas was never my guardian I would never know the depth of this secret, or what was real or not, and how to spot people who are part of the supernatural clan, whether they are vampires or werewolves.    

Lucas is my teacher as he helps me learn how to defend myself from the supernatural's, like how to kill a vampire or a werewolf. Or how to defend others from them, and how to prevent them from getting to me so they can turn me into a vampire or werewolf. My hope in life is to try and find the vampires that killed my parents and make sure to kill them in a slow and painful way, vervain! This is a type of herb that will bring pain to the vampire, and cause it to become weakened and then a simple stake through the heart. Another way is to use sunlight to my advantage, it will burn the vampire, but it will be too quick for my liking, I mean they kill the two people who are closest to me in my life, they are not going to get off easy. 

My other goal in life, which is a more human goal is to find my true love, someone who will love me for who I am, the human defender from supernatural beings! 

So that's my life in a nutshell lets get on with what's been happening in my life more recently. 

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