There are categories that people fit into in Ivy Hill High School. In any high school, actually. Jocks, loners, goths, plastics, wannabee plastics, cheerleaders and brainiacs. And they were just a few. I kind of bounce between wannabee's, plastics and brainiacs. I'm Jenna, by the way. My dad's all about achieving your best, working yourself down to the bone, etc. I try, but it never seems to be good enough. So this is my story, about how I fell for someone in the wrong category.


1. School.

"Hey guys!" I chirped brightly as I joined Hayley and Kacey by their lockers.

"Hey Jenna," Hayley replied slowly as she shut her locker and flicked her hair over her shoulder. She smiled half-heartedly at me then looked at Kacey and something flashed in her eyes. 

"So, what have you got next? I've got Chem. I've got the History homework for Alison. I just copied mine but I changed a few words, you know, so he doesn't twig I helped her," I smiled helpfully as I swung my backpack off of my shoulder and searched for the paper. I found it and passed it over to her.

"Thanks, Jenna." She grimaced. "We're going to wait for Alison before we go to class, but you can go ahead. We know how you hate to be late." She pressed her lips into a hard line, as if she was trying not to laugh. My face fell, I hated walking to class alone.

"But we'll see you in Chem," Kacey added with a sympathetic smile. I swung my bag back over my shoulder and smiled.

"It's okay, bye." I shrugged and walked to Chemistry as the bell rang appreciatively above me. I walked into class, first, and sat down in my seat at the front and got out my books. Miss Hatching smiled at me approvingly as she wrote the class topic on the board. The chalk screeched across the board and I winced and covered my ears. She saw me wince and smiled apologetically. I took my hands away from my ears and the class eventually filled up. Alison, Hayley and Kacey walked in, a cool five minutes late, and flicked their hair and made their way to their seats at the back of the class. Miss Hatching's gave them a disapproving look then began the lesson.

"There's a Decathlon Meeting at lunch," My partner, Sue, whispered to me. "Will you be there?" 

I sighed and looked over at Alison. She was laughing and batting her eyelashes at the boys sitting in front of her. I caught her eye and she laughed and whispered something to one of the boys. He turned around, looked at my and laughed, too. I blushed and turned round quickly. "Sure, I'll be there," I sighed and started taking notes. 


The morning passed relatively quickly. I saw Alison in the line at the cafeteria and rushed up to join her.

"Hey Alison!" I beamed happily to her. She turned round and looked me up and down then made a face.

"Hi, Jenna." She said flatly. 

"So how was your morning? Was your History assignment okay? I worked all night to get it right. Do you want to go to the mall after school? My mom said she could drive us then pick us up after. We could go to my house and get take out?" The questions came out in a hurried mess. I smiled desperately, praying she wouldn't turn me down in front of all these people.

"Um, it was great, thanks. Really? What a shame, Kacey used it as gum paper by accident. I'm sure you could work up another paper?" She smiled angelically.  

"Of course!" I smiled and dug my organizer out of my backpack and wrote it down with a flourish. 

"Oh, and sorry, I can't. I already promised Kacey and Hayley," She looked over her shoulder and smiled at them, and I could have sworn I saw her right eye twitch. They smiled back simultaneously. "Maybe next week." She smiled then turned around, flicking her hair in my face. It wasn't even a question.

"You can go now," Someone whispered in my ear. I spun round. It was a 'jock'. He was grinning and nudged his friends who laughed. 

"Yeah, well I could, but I think I might get some lunch first. Sorry," I smiled icily then reached behind him for a tray. I took a slice of pizza and a can of soda and waited to get to the front of the line to pay. His friends laughed, he glared at me and I smiled back sweetly. 

"You have to wait at the end of the line, sugar. Maybe you should write that down in your organizer." He shot back icily. 

"Really? It took you that long to think of an answer? Maybe you should read a book, jerk." I replied, with maybe a bit too much acid. Alison turned round and raised her eyebrows. Some of his friends were leaning in, trying to get a good listen of the argument. 

"No, I was waiting for you to put all that food on your plate. Are you feeding Africa?"

"All that food? It's a slice of pizza. Are you from Africa?" I snorted. Alison, Kacey and Hayley and the jocks friends laughed. He was furious and I smiled just as angelically as Alison had before. 

"Chad, I think you should save your little comebacks for your kid sister. I think she would get them more than we do. Come on, Jenna." She linked her arm through mine, threw some money at the lunch lady, then led me to her table.

I looked over my shoulder to see Chad standing with his mouth hanging open. He shut it when I caught is eye and glared. All of his friends were laughing and slapping him on the back. I laughed and looked back around. Oh my God. Alison was leading me to her table. I was sitting with the populars! She sat down then flashed me a superstar white smile. 

"Sit down, Jenna," She smiled. I sat down opposite her obediently and smiled back. She grinned and began talking to Hayley and Kacey about her date with Derek. So far, he's kissed her goodnight, took her for a ride in her car, and parked with him. I poked at my pizza with a plastic fork. They'd taken fries to share and popped one into their mouths after they finished each sentence. I looked at my soda then at their bottled water. How could they eat like that? I glanced down at my almost flat stomach.

They probably have six packs or something, I thought.

"What do you think, Jenna?" Alison asked. 

I looked up quickly and blushed a little. "Um, about what?"

"Derek, silly!" She laughed and picked up another fry.

"Um, he sounds sweet. Has he mentioned another date?" I asked, pretending to be interested.

"Yup, we're going to this really nice Italian restaurant on Friday," She grinned. They'd finished their fries and took a gulp from their water simultaneously. Sue walked past and grinned at me. I smiled back then turned back round. 

"Who's that?" Alison frowned.

"Sue, from the decathlon team," I smiled and opened my soda then took a sip. 

"Why is she talking to you?" Hayley snorted and sipped her water.

"I don't know," I blushed. I wanted to be popular and pretty and skinny like them but I didn't want to be mean. "Um, I have to go. It's the meeting today," I looked down at the table to avoid their stares. I picked up my plate and soda and dumped the pizza in the nearest trash can. I glanced back at Alison and she smiled approvingly. 

No! I'm not starving myself so people like me, I told myself sternly. I adjusted my backpack to a more comfortable position then walked off down the hallway towards the meeting room. Everyone was there when I arrived and I blushed and sat down quickly. Sue smiled at me, she looked surprised.

"Okay, let's start," She grinned.


The meeting was long and boring and when the bell rang I jumped up and grabbed my backpack. 

"See you later!" I called to them over my shoulder as I walked into the hallway. I smiled at Sue then turned round and slammed into something hard. I took a step back and put a hand to my thumping head. Someone grabbed me shoulders.

"Are you okay?" They asked. 

I looked up into a worried face, and sighed. It was Chad. 

"Yup," I shrugged off his hands and turned round and started walking to class. He caught up with me and kept pace.

"So are you new here?" He asked.

"I've been going to this school since Freshman year. So no, I'm not new," I snarled.

"Oh...It's just I've never seen you before," He smiled and adjusted his back pack that was slumped over his shoulder. He used one hand to hold the strap over his shoulder and let the other swing by his side. 

He probably thinks he's cool, I thought then rolled my eyes.

"That's probably because you're a jock, and I'm not a cheerleader."

"Hey, we don't all have to date cheerleaders," He frowned.

"Yeah, but you still do 'cause they're usually the girls with the biggest boobs and the hottest ass," I replied icily. 

"Alison's not a cheerleader," He smiled and folded his arms, like he'd won.

"But you think she's hot, don't you? And she's like the most popular girl in school," I sighed wistfully.

"You hang out with Alison, don't you?" He frowned again.

I stopped and turned to face him. "No, Chad. She only invited me to lunch because I beat your ass in front of everybody," I smiled sympathetically. "Sorry about that, but right now I need to get to class." I faced forward again and picked up my pace. Less and less people were walking through the halls.

"Wait!" He grabbed my elbow and spun me round. "Do you want to come to my football game tomorrow? We're against the Westwood Tigers," He grinned, flashing his teeth. I blinked.

Did a jock just ask me out? No. Of course not. Why would he ask you out on a date, dummy. I mentally face palmed myself then smiled up at him.

"Um, sure. Tomorrow is Friday, right?" 

"Saturday," He grinned then pushed a piece of paper into my hand. "These are the details. Text me," He turned round and caught up with his friends and gave them high fives as they sauntered to class. I stood there, dazed, then looked at the paper in my hand.

'Westwood High Football Field, 6pm, front row. Bring a foam finger;)' Then a phone number, that must of been his, was scribbled underneath.

Oh my God. Is this a date? No! Shut up, stupid, annoying inner voice. It's not a date. It's a...friendly way of saying sorry. Yes, that's it. Maybe I'll ask to come Alison. Maybe not. Maybe I'll ask Ashley from the Wannabees. Yeah, she'll be cool with it. She sits next to me in Spanish, which I have next. Yes! I'll ask her then. Wait. I'm the only one in the hallway. I glanced at my watch quickly. 

"Shit!" I gasped and hurled my self down the hall and round the corner and up the first flight of stairs. I burst into the class room and shut the door then leaned against it, taking deep breaths. Everyone stared at me.

Senorita Alegria stared at my with raised eyebrows from her desk. "Hello, Miss Fields. How nice of you to join us on this lovely day," Her  heavy Spanish accent made her sound scarier than I'm sure she intended.

"I'm s-sorry. I-I-" I stuttered before she cut me off.

"You what, Miss Fields? Got lost? Stop mumbling and take your seat." She snapped and pointed at Ashley who smiled at me sheepishly. I kept my head down as I walked to my seat, I could here Alison whispering to her posse.

"She told me at lunch that she needed to go to the bathroom. She ate a whole slice of pizza and looked totally guilty after," She told them.

"What, you think she?" Hayley whispered backed and made a gesture I couldn't see.

"Well, what do you think she was doing? I mean she eats stuff like that all the time and she's really skinny," Alison replied.

I heard them all gasp and stare at me even more intently. I slid into my seat and took out my books and listened to Miss Alegria. 

"Is it true?" Ashley whispered shorty after.

"Of course not Ash. I was speaking to someone," I sighed and rested my head on my hands. Miss Alegria was talking about Spanish culture and I listened intently. Nothing stuck, though. Everything she said went one ear then out the other. was thinking about too much.

"Oo who?"

"Chad?" I replied, hoping she knew who he was so I didn't have to explain.

"No way. Shut up!" Ashley screamed, a little bit too loudly.

"Be quiet Miss Jones!" Miss Alegria frowned. Ashley smiled apologetically then turned back to me.

"What did he say?!" She whispered.

"He just asked me to some game tomorrow," I shrugged opening a book.

"He what?! No way! Oh my God what are you gonna wear?" She leaned forward and rested her hands on her fists.

"I don't know!" I replied, annoyed. What was so amazingly shocking about a guy asking me out to a game. Or even speaking to me. "Do you want to come?"

"What?! No, I can't come. It's a date," She winked and nudged me.

"No it's not!" I exclaimed.

"Miss Fields. You came in late and now you disrupt the class. If you step out of line one more time you will be in detention" Miss Alegria called to me. I gulped and nodded.

"It's not," I muttered to Ashley.

"It is. And I'm not coming. But I am coming over after school to help you choose something to wear," She grinned. I groaned and rolled my eyes. This was going to be terrible.

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