Saturday 31st July 2012

I wake up early at 5 am as I had the DREAM again I look at the clock exactly 5 am Saturday 31 July 2012 not only the dreaded day but exactly the TIME of my birthday there always there the guardian fairies but on my birthday they all come at five I always try my hardest to wake up late why you ask to avoid them of course usually I wake at 2am   but on my birthday FIVE and those times I try to avoid but the dream wakes me up I blame them as they are in the dream I think back to it in vivid memory we're running pip, rowan, raven and I (that's what I decided to call them) any way we're running running and then there he is thorn dragging ray from her long golden hair as he is drunk from the banquet of course this is my birth banquet then I wake up and on my birthday it's happening before my eyes unable to move I stare at thorn his eyes dark as holly his skin pasty and dry his gnarled fingernails in rays scalp ray gets loose and shouts this is my time you wait I have


2. ray

Sunday 1st August 2012

i have been researching fay folk and red is a repelling colour  this iam writeing on is a red book I'm  nowriting in red ink and the pages outline is red but just to be safe it's locked with a red padlock and decorated with red ribbon it should be safe I've also got some red pyjamas for my birthday but know I want to see them I need ray so how to contact the sun fay, reflection?

  I get all the compact mirrors outside this may not work but I reflect it on the letter to ray, suddenly a blinding light beam nears towards the bird table then I see pip, rowan, raven and ray suddenly appear on the bird table ray looks different battered and bruised cloths torn at places she nears you called  yes well I have a bit to say but first how did you know to come you messaged I don't get the letter by the way just the sign of where I am needed ok any way I want to help with what exclaims ray thorn why he wants me dead you want him sober and how he was if I help you you help me but from the look of you I understand I need to run but where to your grandmothers house why you'll be safe I'll get your parents of and you well just wait said ray ok but before you go let me help yourfoondeds and  mend  your dress I can even make you more dresses its the least I can do I beamed ok but be quick oh and before I for get I need to give you my NOTES on fay folk and what protection you need  said ray ok I'll remind you now  do you have any thing you could wear if not just go for a leaf and come in side.

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