The Seagull Catcher

Despite the fact she forever has her head in an alternate place, and she never dresses in a normal manner, with her hair in a mess, and her shoes all scuffed, Anneatte Tamora is considered to be more normal then anything else. Because she and her family live on 'Quartsa Island' where practically anything goes . . .
Except from things that people don't understand.
'The Seagull Catcher' is a mysterious old lady who hides herself in a small, ugly cottage to the north of Quartza Island, where nobody ever goes. They are scared, no one ever dares to confront her, ask her ' who are you behind the mask?'. Until Anneatte was thrown into this bewildering characters exciting, thrilling dangerous world . . .

This is a story with a moral, magic and goodness can be found in everything, for the 'picture prompt competition.'


3. 15.11.2012- The Crazy Old Hag.

The Seagull Catcher was a crazy old hag who lived on the north side of Quartsa, no body knew her, no body under stood her, nobody liked her. She was different, people said she was cursed, a nightmare, too scary for any one. Her name, 'the seagull catcher', is not real, just what people call her because they do not know her real name. If you merely mention her it causes people to shiver, to scream, to squeal in horror. That is why my plan is mine alone, no one else can be involved; these are my questions, and it will be risk alone. I can not endanger anyone.

I began with filling a bag with weapons and other means of protection, then I put them away ashamed of myself for even thinking of hurting another creature and decided to just take some water for the walk and leave.

Whilst I walked I wondered, were they rumors concerning the catcher true? I was about to find out . . .


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