The Seagull Catcher

Despite the fact she forever has her head in an alternate place, and she never dresses in a normal manner, with her hair in a mess, and her shoes all scuffed, Anneatte Tamora is considered to be more normal then anything else. Because she and her family live on 'Quartsa Island' where practically anything goes . . .
Except from things that people don't understand.
'The Seagull Catcher' is a mysterious old lady who hides herself in a small, ugly cottage to the north of Quartza Island, where nobody ever goes. They are scared, no one ever dares to confront her, ask her ' who are you behind the mask?'. Until Anneatte was thrown into this bewildering characters exciting, thrilling dangerous world . . .

This is a story with a moral, magic and goodness can be found in everything, for the 'picture prompt competition.'


6. 15.11.2012- The Answer I Wanted.

She asked me questions she wanted to know who I was, how old I was, did I enjoy school, who were my best friends, what did I do in my spare time, where did I live. I answered all of these and any other queries about the rest of the island;

the beaches,

the people,

the shops.

And eventually she asked me in her beautiful, tuneful voice, "why did you come?" I explained about the pictures, my burning questions, my fright and the fact that I was petrified of her but that now everything was fine, but eventually I got to the essential question. "Are there lands beyond ours, diffrent lifestyles and people diffrent to me and the rest of the island?"

She looked at me for a while and then said to me quietly, "Yes, and it's a beautiful place, everything is different, always changing, you would definetly like it there."


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