The Seagull Catcher

Despite the fact she forever has her head in an alternate place, and she never dresses in a normal manner, with her hair in a mess, and her shoes all scuffed, Anneatte Tamora is considered to be more normal then anything else. Because she and her family live on 'Quartsa Island' where practically anything goes . . .
Except from things that people don't understand.
'The Seagull Catcher' is a mysterious old lady who hides herself in a small, ugly cottage to the north of Quartza Island, where nobody ever goes. They are scared, no one ever dares to confront her, ask her ' who are you behind the mask?'. Until Anneatte was thrown into this bewildering characters exciting, thrilling dangerous world . . .

This is a story with a moral, magic and goodness can be found in everything, for the 'picture prompt competition.'


2. 14.11.2012- The Beach.

My name is Anneatte Tamora, I am fourteen years of age. Despite the fact that my head is always in some alternate world, and I never dress in a normal manner, with my hair in a complete state and my shoes all scuffed, I am considered to be a regular, 'average' person on Quartsa. Everyone is the same here. Everyone is average. Everyone is regular. Everyone, with the exception of me. Whether it appears so or not I am not happy with my life; nothing ever changes, not for better, not for worse. I know this is the way life has always been, the way it should be . . .

Quartsa is covered in sand we have many wet, cold beaches where people enjoy strolling in the rain and being able to feel soggy sand between their toes. Many a time strange items are washed up, they are all that remind our people that there is more, more of every thing. Often I wander across the shore looking for such things, often I find them, never do I know what they mean.

It was whilst on one of these exciting adventures that I found a torn colourful peice of paper, it had an artistic aray of fascinating pictures labled with prices and short descriptions, I was yet again baffled by these myserious messages sent from the land's in the far distance. What could it mean? Where was it from? Who could possibly have made such a vibrant, decorative piece of work with the materials this planet provides us with? No, I did not know the answers to these questions, but I knew I was going to find out. And I knew someone who might know the answers to these questions. I had a plan.

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