will she return to him, or die like the last time


4. reunion


The sun shone on the grass where Dani was sitting, warming her back and her hair. Dani had found out that Stephan owned the castle the day after she arrived but it didn’t really matter. Dani had started to call Stephan sir but he had told her to call him by his name. Soon Dani and Stephan had become good friends and the castle seemed like home to Dani, she had also bonded with Casy; they had become best friends quite fast.

“Dani, Stephan wants to see you.” Casy shouted from the road that wound around the garden. Dani got up and in her blue water-silk gown and blue pumps and ran over to Casy, the island was quiet today and the only sound Dani could hear was the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks far below.

“Did I do something wrong?” Dani asked when she reached Casy.

“No, he just said he wanted to talk to you.” Casy said and Dani raced up towards the castle. When Dani found Stephan he was in the library reading, Stephan looked up when Dani entered as though he had sensed her and smiled, he carefully put the book down and went over to Dani, greeting her with a brief hug. Dani smiled fondly at him and Stephan went over to the book shelf and retrieved something, when he came back he presented Dani with a beautiful bracelet. It was made of square cut sapphires and in the middle of it a single word was formed out of square cut rubies, the word was love. Dani simply stared at the bracelet and then at Stephan when he put it around her wrist.

“It belonged to Lucinda; I'm guessing that the brother gave it to her. Since she is your ancestor I thought you might like it, it really suits you, compliments your eyes.” Stephan said whilst placing his palm against Dani’s cheek. Dani wasn’t exactly sure what happened after that, all she knew was that Stephan’s lips were on hers and his arms were wound around her waist. The feel of Stephan's mouth was familiar to Dani though she had never met him until she had come to the island; Dani secured her arms around Stephan's neck. A soft knock came at the door and Stephan broke away.

“Well hello little brother, just though I would drop in to say hello, I see you made a new frien…” the voice broke off when Dani and Stephan broke away and a young man stood in the doorway with his eyes transfixed on Dani. The boy took in Dani’s jet black waves and crystal blue eyes with wide eyes; she was truly beautiful in her gown.

“Who is this?” the man asked in a rather rude way, examining Dani again.

“This is Danika Fermonta; she lives here with me and tends to my gardens. Why are you here Marcus?” Stephan said with some kind of smile on his face.

Run Lucinda! Dani thought she heard someone say but when her eyes darted around the room she saw no-one but Stephan and Marcus. Dani suddenly noticed how Stephan had talked about her, like she was important but he wasn’t willing to say how much.

“She seems a little too friendly for a girl who tends to the castle’s gardens, and I just wanted to see how my younger brother was managing things, but I can see that you are just fine.” Marcus said eyeing Dani again; she suddenly felt a rush of hatred for this person. Stephan circled an arm around Dani’s waist protectively though she had no idea why.

“I don’t really see how that is any of your business Marcus, you don’t have to know every little thing about my life.” Stephan snapped and Dani was suddenly quite scared to be in the middle of a fight between the brothers. Dani looked up at Stephan with scared eyes and when he looked at her his gaze softened. Stephan placed a kiss on Dani’s forehead.

“Dani, why don’t you go explore the island with Casy for a while, we can talk later.” Stephan said and Dani hurried to the door but paused in the doorway to look back at Stephan, he gave her an encouraging smile and Dani ran off to find Casy.

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