will she return to him, or die like the last time


2. returned


Danika arrived at the small island with no idea what to do next, the boat had taken her to the island but no-one had come there to tell her what to do next. Danika watched as the boat sailed away from the island and wondered how to go from here; the people at St. Michele’s mount were expecting her of course, but was she supposed to just barge in and say hello? A few people who also worked up at the castle owned homes down on the island but only Danika would be actually living in the castle, other than the people who owned it. Dani, (the name that Danika preferred) sighed and closed her eyes as a soft sea breeze brushed over her bare shoulders. The dress Dani wore was silk and strapless, her parents were rich and when they died all their money had been left to Dani, the heels that Dani wore were one’s that had belonged to her mother; she always wore them when she was starting something new. A single tear slid down Dani’s cheek as she remembered her mother giving her the shoes at her first day of college when she was sixteen.

“Danika Fermonta I presume?” Someone said, and Dani turned around and was momentarily frozen, she now faced a young boy who must have been the same age as her and who was absolutely gorgeous. He had dark brown hair and deep crystal blue eyes, Dani instantly felt as though she knew this boy from a long time ago.

“Dani, it’s just Dani.” Dani said on instinct, she hated the name that her mother had given to her because it sounded like a name you gave a boat. Now the name didn’t seem so bad but she still hated it. Dani was suddenly aware of how short her silk dress was and blushed.

“Nice to finally meet you Dani, my name is Stephan.” The boy said and Dani smiled at him, it was only polite after all. The name sounded so familiar but Dani didn’t push it, she just wanted to get going. Dani looked up at the castle at the top of the island and Stephan followed her gaze and when he looked back at her he smiled and offered his hand. Dani looked around her as a show of the fact that she had no luggage; they had lost them on the coach somehow.

“Don’t worry, we have a few dresses up at the castle in the room you will be staying in, you are welcome to any of them.” Stephan said offering his hand again, Dani smiled at him.

“Thank you.” She said as she accepted his hand, it was surprisingly cold in this hot weather. Dani took one last look at the tide coming in before heading to the castle with Stephan.

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