will she return to him, or die like the last time


3. Lovers History


When Dani first entered the castle she was stunned, it was even more beautiful then she remembered it, her parents had brought her to the castle when she was twelve, before it had been bought, back when it was a museum. Hundreds of portraits of people hung on the walls and Dani looked at one and recognised the face, it was hers. The girl in the painting must have been about eighteen and she had black long waves in her hair just like Dani did, everything about this girl resembled Dani, they could have been twins. Stephan caught Dani looking at the portrait and smiled at her, he was happy at how she was regarding the painting, like it was a memory long since forgotten.

“Her name was Lucinda Fermonta, she was an ancestor of yours,” Stephan said and Dani looked at him questioningly, silently asking him to tell her Lucinda’s story. “Her family sent her here when she was eighteen to be married but her fiancé had left for a year to deal with some troubles, Lucinda stayed here with her fiancé’s brother and soon she fell in love with him, her fiancé was angry to discover this when he came home and so he killed her. The brother grieved for years but he could not bring himself to harm his brother, he buried Lucinda and hung her portrait to remember her beauty”, Stephan explained. Dani was entranced, she felt as though she should judge the girl in the painting, but could not.

“Poor girl, it must have been horrible for the brother if he loved her so much.” Dani said, still staring at the portrait, she imagined herself sat where Lucinda was and smiling at whoever was painting her.

“He did, legend says that he was so upset that he went to find a way to die and instead ended up getting turned into a vampire, and now is cursed to live without her forever, and that he then turned his brother so that he would spend eternity without Lucinda by his side, and lastly, that Lucinda would one day be reincarnated and she would return to the home she longed to be in, the home she belonged in, where she was meant to be with her never ageing love.” Stephan said, carefully looking over at Dani.

“It sounds romantic.” Dani said with a serious voice and Stephan knew she meant it, it was romantic, all of it. Finally Stephan showed Dani around the grounds and when it came to the gardens where Dani would be working she was again amazed at the beauty of them. Eventually Stephan showed Dani where she would be staying and showed her the dresses that she could wear and the shoes, they were all beautiful pumps and water-silk ball gowns in a different variety of colours. A soft knock came at the door and Stephan opened the door for a girl who was also around Dani’s age, maybe a year younger, she smiled at Dani and introduced herself as Casy. Dani told Casy her name and she shook Dani’s hand and said how they would be good friends, Stephan excused them then left Dani alone in her room, where she lay on the bed and fell asleep.

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