will she return to him, or die like the last time


6. home


Somehow Dani ended up on a cliff’s edge, she fell onto her knees on the grass and began breathing deeply, trying to keep calm. The sea below looked so welcoming and no-one would miss Dani if she were to simply disappear.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Dani.” A voice said from behind and Dani turned around to see Marcus. What was with these guys? Dani slowly stood up and faced Marcus, she suddenly saw a memory of Marcus attacking her when she was Lucinda and decided that was not happening this time, not when she was Dani. Dani smiled at Marcus and walked towards him, her blue water-silk gown was muddy now.

“Dani, get away from him!” Stephan yelled from somewhere, Dani turned her head and saw him running towards her, a few moments later he was closer to Marcus then he was to Dani.

“Leave her alone Marcus, she is nothing to you anymore.” Stephan said to Marcus. Marcus flipped a dagger he held in his hand and Dani became scared all of a sudden.

“Then she can pay for what she did before.” Marcus said slowly but then lunged at Dani. Stephan tried to stop him but he was just too far away and Marcus was too fast, inhumanly fast. The dagger that Marcus held sliced through Dani’s stomach and she collapsed to the ground. Stephan stared wide eyed for a moment but then he ran over to her.

“No! Dani, Dani talk to me!” Stephan screamed but Dani didn’t answer, suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight at Stephan and he knew Dani wasn’t there anymore, the way her eyes glittered like they were setting sights on something they hadn’t seen for years, Dani no longer lived in that body, Lucinda did. The girl that now lay on the ground pulled Stephan closer and whispered something in his ear.

“Turn me,” her voice said, “bite me my love, and make me like you.” The girl said. The voice was just like Dani’s but they were not the words Dani would have used, Stephan knew that. Stephan leaned down towards Dani’s neck and kissed it before sinking pointed fang into it. When he was sure enough venom had entered her body Stephan left Dani on the ground to be changed into a new vampire. Stephan distracted Marcus so that Dani could change, he wanted Dani to take vengeance on what Marcus had just done to her and what he did to her all those years ago.

“She was just a child Marcus, only eighteen. She never did anything to you.” Stephan yelled at Marcus.

“Oh but she did Stephan, she chose you and she betrayed me.” Marcus countered.

“That was over a hundred years ago, Dani never did anything and Lucinda only followed her heart, how could you hate her for that.”

“Dani chose you. That’s why she had to pay; Lucinda divided us, which is how I can hate her so much.”

“Dani was nothing to you! Why would you care if she chose me? You are the one who keeps dividing us brother; every time you kill the woman I love you separate us even more.” Just then something flickered behind Marcus, a shape of some sort, like it was in movement. Dani! A piercing scream cut its way from Marcus's throat, he kneeled down and Dani appeared behind him. The dagger that had once been in her stomach now rested in Marcus's chest, a vengeful glint shone in Dani’s eyes. All of a sudden she was kneeling in front of Marcus and whispering in his ear.

“I’m home Marcus.” Dani whispered and that was when Stephan was positive Dani was gone, and Lucinda had returned to him. Marcus crumpled down on the ground seconds later; Dani turned on Stephan and smiled sweetly.

“Lucinda, is that you?” Stephan asked tenderly

“Yes my love, I’ve come home.” The girl said and Stephan felt a shot of joy pulse through him. Stephan did want to, but he felt compelled to ask a difficult question.

“Where is Dani?” Stephan asked carefully and Lucinda frowned, Stephan didn’t like it. Lucinda’s face was too beautiful, too delicate for the frown she now wore like a mask.

“Dani and I co-existed within the same body, two minds within one brain, and two souls within one heart but for one of us to truly be ourselves, one of us had to die. Dani was such a sweet child, I wanted to be the one to go but she refused to let me, when she died I returned properly and I wanted so much to be with you that I asked you to turn me.” Lucinda explained, her smile came back but it wasn’t as cheery as before. Stephan slowly walked towards Lucinda and took her in his arms; she fit perfectly there, just like she always had.

“Tell me something my sweet Lucinda, now that you are home will you stay with me forever?” Stephan asked as he placed a kiss upon Lucinda’s hair. Lucinda nestled closer to him.

“Forever, my love, forever. And will you extend the same courtesy to me?” Lucinda asked in return, Stephan smiled down at her and stroked her face.

“Until the end of time Lucinda, however long that may be.” Stephan vowed to Lucinda.

“Then I ask only one thing my sweetest Stephan,” the girl said, “kiss me.” Lucinda asked and Stephan only needed to hear the words escape her mouth and he complied happily. Lucinda felt relief as she felt Stephan slips touch hers with passion; she wound her arms around his neck and kissed him back in earnest. Stephan felt nothing but contentment as he held in his arms his eternal love, the girl who had stolen his heart at first sight and who he had loved for over a hundred years, whom he believed would return to him one day, the girl who would complete his soul. Lucinda felt only joy for the man who she had waited a century to come back to. The man who had always loved her.  She would become his princess, until the end of time.

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