will she return to him, or die like the last time


1. Dead heart


Lucinda struggled against the bonds that held her down to the table whilst she screamed. Blood trickled down her arms were she had been hurt during her poor attempts of escaping. Marcus drew closer, knife in hand and a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Marcus please, please let me go!” Lucinda sobbed, in a final plea of desperation. Her heart stopped as Marcus smiled, he enjoyed watching Lucinda beg for the life he was about to take. Marcus placed his cold palm against Lucinda’s cheek and frowned.

“Oh my sweet, sweet Lucinda, you should not have betrayed me.” Marcus said, and Lucinda screamed again. Suddenly the door knob began to rattle and a shout came from the other side of the door.

“Lucinda?! Marcus let her go, don’t you dare hurt her!” Stephan screamed as he pounded on the door. Lucinda’s heart fluttered at the sound of her love’s voice and she began her struggles once more. Marcus smiled at Lucinda coldly, but she did not scream again because she would not give him the satisfaction.

“You are too late brother; nothing will save her now, not even your precious love.” Marcus spat the words and drew his knife upwards and with one last smile he plunged the knife into Lucinda’s chest. Lucinda let out one last scream before death claimed her, leaving her love to be without her until her soul could return to the place it belonged, where it was meant to be, for eternity…

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