will she return to him, or die like the last time


5. crazy


Dani had intended to find Casy but ended up at her room, she felt so tired and she just wanted to rest so when a knock came at her door Dani grew aggravated. Dani opened the door to find Marcus standing there, Marcus was wearing dark, faded jeans and a navy blue top, he towered over Dani so much that she moved back.

“Hello Lucinda, it’s so nice to see you again.” Marcus said, stepping into the room.

“Excuse me; what did you just call me?” Dani asked in an appalled voice, he had just called her the name of the poor girl who had died here over a hundred years ago.

“I am surprised Stephan put you in the room where you died all those years ago.” Marcus stared and Dani looked at him with wide eyes. “I suppose he was trying to get you to remember wasn’t he, but I don’t really think it worked, poor, poor Lucinda, dead before you even got the chance to live.” Marcus drawled on and Dani backed away from him.

“Get out; get out of this room right now!” Dani shouted at Marcus but he simply smiled evilly, Dani’s heartbeat quickened in fear.

“you know, I gave up on this reincarnation crap long ago but Stephan always believed you would come back, that you would come to find your love because you belonged together, but I know the truth, you were mine and he stole you from me, he made you betray me!”. Marcus snarled whilst grabbing Dani on both her forearms, she tried to jerk away from him with all her force, but he held on tight.

“You were so beautiful, just like you are now. I remember the way you would smile at how beautiful the island was. I remember how you begged for your life before I stuck you with the dagger. I remember how your blood spilled from your chest and onto the floor, how pale you turned when death finally came” Marcus taunted, and Dani finally broke from his grip and fled from the room, her gown trailing along on the floor. When Dani finally found Stephan she slammed into him and he caught her in a giant hug, tears rolled down Dani’s cheek and Stephan feared for her.

“Dani, Dani look at me, what’s wrong, what happened?” Stephan asked, his voice full of concern.

“I was in my room, your brother came in and he started acting crazy,” Dani sobbed, “he started going on about how I was Lucinda and how he killed me over a hundred years ago and how you made me betray him, I didn’t know what to do, and I just ran and tried to find you” Dani said. Stephan sighed, he had to tell her now. He led her over to the sofa in the corner of the room and sat her down; Dani didn’t like the look on his face as he sat down opposite her.

“Dani, I need to tell you something, Marcus wasn’t lying and he wasn’t making it up, you are the reincarnated Lucinda.” Stephan said and Dani laughed, but stopped when she realised he was serious.

“I'm sorry, could you repeat that because I must have heard you wrong.” Dani said with anger in her voice.

“I'm sorry Lucinda, you heard me right and I know you remember me, I know how this all feels to you.” Stephan says and Dani moves away from him, shaking her head and staring at him with wide, frightened eyes.

“Oh my god, you are as crazy as your brother.” Dani exclaimed and started to get off the sofa, but Stephan grabbed her hand and pulled her back down with a force that was inhuman.

“I'm not crazy Lucinda; you know that because you know me, you love me. You have loved me for over a hundred years, and I you.” Stephan said whilst looking deeply into Dani’s eyes. She felt like he was seeing her soul.

“I remember it all so clearly Lucinda, especially the night you died. I remember your pale skin and blood on your chest, your clear blue eyes that used to hold so much emotion but were suddenly empty. After that day I swore I would never stop hoping for your reincarnation and it finally happened Lucinda, we can be together properly this time, you can be my princess again.” Stephan said. All Dani wanted to do was run away.

“Are you crazy? Is this some kind of sick joke? because it isn’t funny, Stephan none of this is real.” Dani yelled.

“Yes it is. I know you are scared, I know this seems like a nightmare but it is all true Lucinda. This is no joke. I can tell you remember. I felt it in the way you kissed me, you are finally home.” Stephan said. Dani’s eyes were still wide.

“I always believed Lucinda. No matter how long I knew we could be together again, you belong here Lucinda, you belong with me.” Stephan continued.

“Stop it!” Dani cried.

“You know this is true.”

“You’re scaring me! What is wrong with you?”


“My name is not Lucinda!” Dani yelled, having had enough with being called by that name. All Dani wanted to do right now was run away but something held her where she was.

“And yet you know that it was, you saw your portrait the first day you came here and you realised how you look exactly the same, you even have the same mark on your shoulder. I lied about her last name Dani,” Stephan finally said Dani’s real name and she sighed in relief. “Lucinda’s last name was Demontar not Fermonta. Please Dani, I have spent a hundred years without you and I can’t do it any longer. Please? I love you!!” Stephan pleaded, as he pulled Dani to him and pressed his lips against hers. Dani felt whole again as Stephan kissed her, his lips were so warm and her head was instantly filled with memories that couldn’t have been hers. Terrified suddenly, Dani pulled away and shook her head, she fled the room, leaving Stephan calling after her, and no she couldn’t do this. Stephan and his brother were crazy and Dani was getting the next boat out of there.

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