When you have lost all the persons you can trust.
When the loss have changed your whole world and leaved you with a big black hole in your chest.
When it has leaved you as another person.
Then you find out how little life is worth.


1. Prologue

I was an angel. I had always been an angel. A sweet and beautiful angel, who was good at everything, and never did anything wrong. I was good at school, had many friends and a cute boyfriend, I was popular, helpful, and kind. I loved my family,  my friends, and my boyfriend, and I never let them down. I was the nice girl, who was loved by everyone.

That was the person I used to be. Now, thing are deferent. I´m not sweet, I’m not kind or helpful. I don’t have a family to love anymore. And I don’t have anybody, who can still call me there friend.

I´m not an angel anymore!

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