Top Movellas,Spotlighters!

I'm listing the best people who have written movellas,I would like YOU to suggest!


5. PikachuPerson :)

Hello, hello hello muggles, it's me Kieva Rsisng with another Movellan.


PikachuPerson is a beautiful author, as well as a close, personal friend I know in High School. When I first met her, she was quite shy and was friends with another girl from her school. We would talk but we never became friends until nearing the end of 1st year. Now that we've picked our subjects we're not in many classes toghter:(, but not what you want to know.


Her first movella is called "A little love story", which is now finished in only three days. She is working on another the now. Please check her out and become her fan. It would be cool :)



Thanks, Kieva Rising :)

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