Top Movellas,Spotlighters!

I'm listing the best people who have written movellas,I would like YOU to suggest!


7. CrazyCatChloë xx

Hey guys :),

So, not much been happening because I've been busy, and the others haven't been on recently?,

But I've got another writer for you to check oot.

Meet  CrazyCatChloe xx [two dots over the e], she is awesome and deserves to be here.

She is talented and one of her favourites of mine is: How Movellas Changed My Life. It is the story of a character based on her [I think?] and it involves about her and her besto's Dante [another accent over the e] and Helen and their dilema's with each other.

I strongly recommend it as it makes you step inot Clover and Dante's shoes and find out what living in Ireland can do to you. Lol, joking, but it is a brill book.

There is also a sequel called: Clover and Dante:Life's Troubles, and is about Clover and Dante, 11 years older and facing new challanges like getting married (First chapter), not having kids, adopting, having kids, meeting an old enemy etc. etc.

Enjoy these stories and have a fantastic evening/day [Cheesy but hey...]



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