Trying Too Hard

Lily hates the way she looks and wants a change but she's trying too hard while her best friend Heather is perfect and see's her friend changing for the worse and know's she could of stopped what happened next.


1. Lily

I watch Heather with a forced smile then sigh thoughts rush to my head.

Why do I have to be fat

Why am I ugly

Why am I loner

I look at Heather she's perfect she slim with long pale blonde hair, her face full of endless beauty and happiness .I close my eyes when was the last time I laughed. Heather could have any friend she wanted but she chose me. She is my only friend and the only person who cares. I can tell her how I feel because then she will leave me and I will be alone. I look at my tummy not flat but round. The top all tight not letting me breathe properly. I can't buy bigger sizes because then everyone will know how fat I am. I weigh so much I can't tell anyone but I feel like I weight a hundred pounds. That's when a thought rushed to my head I will eat less not too much maybe then I can lose some weight.

"Heather, do you think I'm fat a honest answer" I ask.

"Of course not, just eat less chocolate then you'll be slimmer" Heather replied.

"So, you do think I'm fat" I exclaim.

"of course not" Heather mumbles.

"You do, don't you" I shout running off ashamed and scared.

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