Trying Too Hard

Lily hates the way she looks and wants a change but she's trying too hard while her best friend Heather is perfect and see's her friend changing for the worse and know's she could of stopped what happened next.


2. Heather

I watch Lily sadly why can't she see she is beautiful. She isn't model gorgeous but she's beautiful in her own way. She's not really slim but she has pretty curly red hair and eyes as childish as a baby. She always asks me if she's fat. I tell her no but she doesn't believe me. She doesn't see that she is perfect the way she is. Sometimes I wonder if she has a brain of her own and won't tell me how she really feels. That's what I like about her she doesn't diet or wear make up or always talk about boys. 

"Lily" I shout but she runs off tears forming in her eyes.

It feels so horrible to see Lily unhappy. I haven't seen her laugh since she was 6 and wearing a fairy dress. Lily is my best friend and I only want what's best for her truly. I wish I could do something to help her.Lily is like the sister I never had. I hope she doesn't do something she will regret later on.

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