The Confusing Questions

This is a sort of mini biography to the Series of Unfortunate Events, where Lucia Snicket delves into her ancestors past to discover the truth of a range of characters that made up the popular series of books her brother, Lemony Snicket wrote.


5. Sunny Baudelaire

Sunny Baudelaire. Just that name makes me cry. If you think about your own babyhood for a minute, was it in any way, shape or form, like Sunny’s? Did your parents die when you were barely a toddler? Were your siblings constantly worried due to an evil man stalking your every move? Where your dreams haunted by a single black eye? I think not. So, if you are not even tempted yet to slam this novel shut and do something less daunting to occupy your time, you are invited to read on…

 Although Sunny cannot walk or begin to talk maturely until the seventh book and largely speaks in a non-describable form of baby talk, she repeatedly demonstrates advanced problem solving skills, flexible thinking, comprehension, moral reasoning, and intelligence throughout the book.

If you haven’t already noticed yet, each sibling portrays different talents and skills, which they use to help solve the traumatic situations the Baudelaire’s find themselves in. Violet is an eager inventor, Klaus is an avid reader and Sunny has an interest in biting things. From her infancy, is frequently noted for the size and strength of her teeth, and during the books she is required on multiple occasions to use her strong incisors. As the books progress and Sunny grows out of infancy, she quickly develops an affinity for cooking, which often eclipses her biting in later books.

As I already mentioned in chapter 3, Count Olaf’s first initial plan began with the villain capturing Sunny and locking her in a cramped bird cage, dangling from a huge height from Olaf’s mysterious tower. This was to force Violet to marry him ect ect… all was explained in chapter 3, if you are brave enough to read this novel properly, not flicking through nervously, scared of what you might find.

Anyway, you still might be wondering what happened to the Baudelaire’s after ‘The End’. Again, I repeat, I DO NOT KNOW. Just because I am the only Snicket who has revealed their true identity to the world and given you all the research my team and me know, it does not mean that I am inviting them to tea this afternoon. But just in case, if you bought this book just so you could find out some more facts about your dearest Sunny, she is definitely still alive. Her ambition to be a great chef turned into a career, and according to Beatrice Baudelaire (my niece) has heard her many times on the radio, discussing her recipes.

In the eyes of my research team discovering Sunny’s survival was a great leap forward. But we still have more to find out.

Now I have told you all I can about the three children and their past status, now it is time to introduce you (if you haven’t already read the books) or re-introduce you (if you HAVE read the books) to some other characters of the ‘Bad Beginning’. Some good, some sad, some mad, some indescribably sad. Some even volunteers of V.F.D. And some unfortunately evil.


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