The Confusing Questions

This is a sort of mini biography to the Series of Unfortunate Events, where Lucia Snicket delves into her ancestors past to discover the truth of a range of characters that made up the popular series of books her brother, Lemony Snicket wrote.


8. Dedications to Beatrice


The Bad Beginning

To Beatrice -

Darling, dearest, dead.


The Reptile Room

For Beatrice -

My love for you shall live forever.

You, however, did not.


The Wide Window                 

For Beatrice –

I would much prefer it if you were alive and well.


The Miserable Mill                 

To Beatrice –

My love flew like a butterfly

Until death swooped down like a bat

As the poet Emma Montana McElroy said:

"That's the end of that."


The Austere Academy            

For Beatrice –

You will always be in my heart,

In my mind,

And in your grave.


The Ersatz Elevator                

For Beatrice –

When we met my life began,

Soon afterward, yours ended.


The Vile Village    

For Beatrice –

When we were together I felt breathless.

Now you are.


The Hostile Hospital             

For Beatrice –

Summer without you is as cold as winter.

Winter without you is even colder.


The Carnivorous Carnival    

For Beatrice –

Our love broke my heart,

And stopped yours.


The Slippery Slope                 

For Beatrice –

When we first met, you were pretty, and I was lonely.

Now I am pretty lonely.


The Grim Grotto    

For Beatrice –

Dead women tell no tales.

Sad men write them down.


The Penultimate Peril            

For Beatrice -

No one could extinguish my love,

Or your house.


The End

For Beatrice -

I cherished, you perished.

The world's been nightmarished


Chapter Fourteen  

For Beatrice -


We are like boats passing in the night -


Particularly you.

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