The Confusing Questions

This is a sort of mini biography to the Series of Unfortunate Events, where Lucia Snicket delves into her ancestors past to discover the truth of a range of characters that made up the popular series of books her brother, Lemony Snicket wrote.


7. Beatrice Baudelaire


Hopefully I will not have to explain that Beatrice Baudelaire is dead too. Turn to the chapter before, and I have explained all I can about the tragic circumstances that happened that horrible day. Need I say more? Yes, I do.

Beatrice’s life as a V.F.D volunteer started quite early in her life.  The Beatrice Letters (Beatrice as in my niece) reveal that Beatrice and Lemony first met when they were schoolchildren and Beatrice was friends with the Duchess of Winnipeg (More on her later).

My elder brother was in love with Beatrice and they were engaged, but she canceled the marriage and married Bertrand instead. The Daily Punctilio mistakenly reported Lemony as dead. In my personal opinion, I would definitely call off a wedding if my groom were dead. But he wasn’t! The other evidence for her wrong beliefs was that she had planned to name Violet 'Lemony' if she had been a boy, in accordance with the family custom of naming a child after a friend who had died. So the evidence that my team and me have drawn up is: Beatrice definitely believed that Lemony was dead. When Lemony was revealed to be alive, she had already married Bertrand and she could not marry him. However, There is a small fly in the ointment. It is proven that Beatrice returned Lemony's engagement ring and sent him a 200-page book explaining why she could not marry him. In the last book Ishmael's statement that the ring was given to Beatrice then back to Lemony to Kit to Bertrand then back to Beatrice. I know it is confusing, but hold on to your hats. When my dear sister was near death, she told the Baudelaire orphans that "their families have always been close, even if they had to stay apart from one another".

What does this mean?

Well, that’s just what we need to find out.

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