This is a story based on me when i was four to the present day.


2. School

My life only became harder after that, of course my mum and dad had to tell the teachers at my school so everyone in my class found out. Some teased me, others stayed away from because they thought I was contagious and a freak, I didn't blame them. My skin got paler and I didn't move around as much, my treatment made me sleepier and less active. I missed so much of school from being at the hospital that they made sure a teacher had extra lessons with me at lunch, sometimes I even went to the hospital school. I think I must have had at the most 3 friends who were always there for me, they were always by my side no matter what. I used to ask to change for P.E somewhere on my own because part of my treatment was having a Hickman line and I felt self concious about people seeing it. It was those first few years when I truly felt alone, no-one would talk to the freak with cancer. I became fond of the school library, I would go there and read to keep myself occupied. I quickly became one of the best readers in my year, I was reading teenage books by the time I got to year five. my treatment ended in year four, I was perfectly healthy again but people still tended to ignore me. The teachers were fond of me, I was a little angel as far as they knew, I was always kind and always got great end of year reports. Eventually I got more friends but I was always comfortable with only having a few, I didn't need lots of friends because I read and that kept me happy.

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