This is a story based on me when i was four to the present day.


1. Finding out

My life isn't what you would call normal, when i was four years old i was diagnosed with leukaemia, it's a kind of blood cancer that is found more often in children than it is in adults. I was sitting at the table at my Child minders table drinking lemonade and i felt dizzy and ill, I was running a high fever. My child minder, June, called my dad who came over from work the second he got off the phone, he was just that kind of dad. When my dad got there he was quite obviously worried, he took me to the hospital soon after. I remember thinking it was stupid but boy, was i wrong. The doctors thought i was sick as well and not like when you get a cold, more like when there is something very wrong with you. I can remember lots of blood tests and other things, a few hours or maybe days later, i just cant remember how long, we got the results back. It was official, i had leukaemia, blood cancer, i was diseased. I know that my mum cried, i think my dad did too, i know they held me close and told me, i didn't understand what they meant. 

"What is that mummy." Those were my words, i just didn't get why everyone was so unhappy. 

"You're sick sweety, but don't you worry too much, we will make sure you get better." That was what my mum said, i thought she meant i had a cold and that i would just take some medicine or it would go away soon. I was obviously very wrong, i would learn that much soon enough. 

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