Birds Eye View


2. Secret Letters

I wright slowly, carefully. I mustn't make a mistake. She deserves the best handwriting that I am writing in.
'Dear Clara,' I begin. I am instantly sucked into a wirlwind of thoughts as I write to her. I hope she replies soon. She always does.
We have been writing these letters for two weeks now. 14 days 8 hours and 32 minutes. I've been counting. It's hard not to count time when you are trapped as practically a prisoner on this island. We met when I ran away two weeks ago. I'd always wanted to run away but until then kn my fourteenth birthday I had never actually done it. It was scary, sure, but t was worth it even if e found me and dragged me back. I had met Clara and that's what made it worth it. I had been hiding out in the cafe when she approached me. Her long aurburn hair was hung loose round her shoulders. I sigh contentedly as I enter the flash back. Her green eyes were latched on mine. I had never believed in love at first sight until then. I didnt believe in much until then. Clara made me believe. She opened my eyes to a world of possibility. A world away from this lonely island.
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