Short Stories for Everyday

This is a small collection of short stories. Some will make you smile, others will make you cry. Whatever the outcome is, we hope that you love them. :D


3. The place below the bush (Sci fi) by Lia-loves-cookies

I ran through the trees breathlessly, tears running down my pale white cheeks. 

Home was a place of humans, jobs; it was normal.

Where I was now was very different, I couldn't turn back because the rumours had it that behind this forest lurked a land,

people before me had never returned. I walked up to the leaf covering the land behind it.

Pull I did and as I did so I uncovered a world very different from my own. It was empty. 

'Hello?' I asked, walking forwards slowly. There was nothing here; no excitement at all.

'Great blow.' I sighed, sitting down on the sandy ground. 

'Psst... Psst...' I looked around me to see who was whispering for me. No one.

'Over here!' I looked around to see a man with a yellow and green jester hat.

'A jester? Really?' Were my first words. Not "what is this place?". 

'Yes and you are in the world of-'

'Rubbish.' I muttered.

'Correc- no, no.. You are in the world of Sagarl-'

'Seagulls?' I looked up at the flying birds.

'No!' He paused for a moment. 'You are in the world of Sagarlia!' 

'Good name but where is the magic in the place?' I asked. He put his hands down to a tiny green push.

'Pull it.' I bent down and lifted up the bushy, remarkably it came straight up, a little hole was in the ground.

'Squeeze through! Look, I'll go first.' The jester laughed, jumping through the hole. I now knew why people never came back. Because there was no ladder up.

I jumped down the little hole and slid my way through. 

No humans lurked beneath the grounds, the jester was as he called a "Shradoff." Most of the creatures here were natural "Sagarls" because they were born here.

I walked through the open air, breathing slowly. Then I looked up. How was a sky here when above us was the land of humans?


I looked around me. The green grass contently wavering in the wind, the smell of bacon dazzling the air; they didn't have bacon but had very similar food that tasted a million times better. I knew that this would be the place I would stay.

I would stay here forever.

In the land of Sagarlia. The place below the bush.

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