Short Stories for Everyday

This is a small collection of short stories. Some will make you smile, others will make you cry. Whatever the outcome is, we hope that you love them. :D


6. The mind of a king (My ATTEMPT at humor) by Lia-loves-cookies


"Peasants! Listen to your king, Leo, ruler of the world. Listen to me, your king! For I shall strike you down if you don't. I am stronger than any lion, braver than any other creature, smarter than any other cat. I rule you humans!" I boasted proudly. "Leo, your dinner is ready. Kitten? Were are you?" Marvin sounded, a smile gracing his features. I rolled his eyes in utter annoyance. "Slave, do not interrupt me while I am practising my speech!" I scolded, but Marvin laughed heartily at my small mewing and roughly ruffled my fur causing me to fall from the unopened can of large cat food.

"And this isn't yours," Marvin laughed as he pulled the unopened can of cat food away.

"Hey!" I protested, my claws attacking Marvin's hoody strings which forced me to tumble to the floor. Marvin laughed as he watched me tumble to the floor with a "thump."

I walked through the streets, jumping over other cats because I was and still am so ninja. I ran into the middle of the road in an attempt to stop cars. They were evil, chasing at me like I was a mouse... mm... mouses. I ran along the pavement beside them in an effort to stop their evil ways. Did they listen? No.

'Leo! Tuna!' It was Marvin, my human slave. He had my dinner ready. I raced through the hall and found it... Yum... I ate it with joy. After dinner I ran outside and faced my arch enemy. The dog.  I put my hair on ends and roared at him endlessly.

He came towards me. My only choice was to run. Until I spotted a mouse. I was the king, I could eat what I like. And I liked to eat mice.

I ran over, grasping his tail with my claws and pulling him up to my mouth. I took one look at him and threw him onto the road. He tasted awful. I sat with pride as I watched the birds, seagulls. I ran, hissing like a snake.

I jumped up to catch it but it flew away. Just my luck. I could have got it, I can get anything because I am the king.

I even have human slaves to prove that I am Leo, king of the world. 

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