Short Stories for Everyday

This is a small collection of short stories. Some will make you smile, others will make you cry. Whatever the outcome is, we hope that you love them. :D


5. The Legendary Lagoon of the Cephalopod (Adventure) by Elizabeth Hale

Could this be the end? Captain Clark hoped not, and went about his duties as captain. He instructed the first mate to adjust the sail, so that the wind could fill it, leading the ship away from the bubbling pool in front of them. Fearless as he was, even the captain was scared. It was the legendary lagoon of the cephalopod, no one had dared enter and leave alive. Clark was intending to find out if he would be the first. The bubbles suddenly became bigger, misting their enchanted waters over the boat, The Seabelle, and all its crew. Droplets of water clung to the ship like barnacles, weighing it lower in the water. Perhaps the boat wasn’t lowering, the Captain thought, but the waters… rising. A peach-colored mass rose out of the pale blue waters, adding eyes and eight long tentacles. It was a giant cephalopod, roaming these waters for eons, feeding off the living and their ships. The entire crew stared in awe of the being, enthralled by such a wondrous sight Before Captain Clark could come to his sense and give the order to attack, the beat opened it toothy mouth and pounced on the ship. The Seabelle had been swallowed whole.


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