A Summer With You

I am entering this story for the One Direction Fan Fiction Competition. It's all about them and what happens one rainy summer in England.


2. The Girl *on hold*

Her long dark hair bounced off her shoulders and her silver eyeshadow glittered in the light. Harry gasped as she stepped towards them ... Is this real life? he thought to himself. She was wearing a floral summer dress which billowed in the breeze. 


"H-Hi," stuttered Louis as she approached him. She smiled and dramatically flicked her hair down the back of her dress. The girl did not speak a word and sat silently on a rock. The boys attempted conversation with her but it was no use: she wouldn't talk. In the end, they gave up and decided to walk back to their hotel. 


"Wait!" she exclaimed all of a sudden. "Can you help me?" The five boys were up to anything and told her to come back to the hotel with them. Liam tried to hold her hand along the way but she shook him off which made Liam blush. Soon enough the light was fading away fast and night was drawing nearer. The boys were still traumatised by their kidnapping experience but they didn't mean they couldn't chat up girls they find on the beach. Zayn lead the way back to the hotel apartment which was as big as a standard house. The girl had no idea who these boys were and she had no idea that they were globally famous. She smiled and went along with everything and acted casually. 


"So what can we help you with?" asked Harry as he sat next to her on a cosy couch. Tired and weary, Harry was trying to look alive and awake. 


"I have a secret. No one knows but ... I need to tell someone." It seems a bit funny asking five complete strangers if they will keep a secret. Niall acted all serious and listened to every word and breath she took. 

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