A Summer With You

I am entering this story for the One Direction Fan Fiction Competition. It's all about them and what happens one rainy summer in England.


1. Escape

"Over here!" yelled Zayn as he shuffled around in knots of rope. He was securely fastened to the cold stone brick wall whilst the others were all fast becoming free. Zayn thought the boys had forgot about him but obviously they hadn't when Niall came to the rescue. Looking like a professional, Niall un-did the rope and Zayn jumped to the floor with a loud echo as his trembling feet touched solid ground. It had been hours since they were standing: they must of been hanging from the rope for at least twenty-four hours. It felt so nice to be able to walk once again.


"Let's get out of here!" Harry announced as the other four followed after him. They were all beginning to sprint out of the circular room and past a few other creepy dungeons. Crimson blood dripped from the walls but there was no trace to a dead body. The blood simply seemed to be seeping through the walls which made the boys more eager to get out of the castle quicker. Their rushed footsteps and panting echoed throughout. Louis was the most frightened out of all of them and for once, he was actually serious. At one point, he felt as though he may burst out in tears whining I'm never going to sing again and I'm never going to see my family again but he kept that all tucked away in his frustrated mind.


"Are you okay?" they all muttered to one another and patted each other on their backs for comfort.  Everyone was breathing heavily as Niall and Liam collapsed on a hard black rock. Finally they had escaped the castle and the long golden beach was only a couple hundred yards away.


"It's a bit stupid having a castle where kidnapped victims are crying out for help when there are so many people roaming past because it's on the beach front. Have they thought this through?" laughed Zayn but he still had pain in his voice. The four other boys agreed. As they rested on rocks or on benches, the view was stunning either way. The sky was a misty yellow and the sun was hanging low over the lightly swaying ocean. The waves rolled gently onto the golden sand and the foam remained for a few seconds. A few clouds roamed around the sky but blended in with the sunset. The only person on the beach was an old man, with a fishing hat, walking his Retriever along the front. The weather had changed rather quickly since all summer it had been cold and rainy and cloudy in England; but it always seems to be nice and dry in the evenings which the boys didn't understand. 


There was not a sound except from the odd barking from the dog or calm crashing of the wave. Pointing to his right Louis said - "Who's that girl over there?" and they all turned to see.

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