This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


8. Scene 8: The children go home


Wendy and Peter are sitting on Peter’s bed, Wendy has just finished reading Peter’s letter.


Wendy: So there really is such place as Neverland, Peter?


Peter: Yes! Yes! And one day I’ll come back for you.


Wendy: And Melody really is your sister?


Peter: Well, I didn’t know it at the time but… Yes.


Wendy: So you DO have a Mother!


Peter: Oh Wendy, the explanations for that story could take up an entire book! But for now, just focus on the present. So I can’t promise when I return, but when I do, you can come back with me.


Wendy: Promise?


Peter: Promise. Now go on.


Peter and Wendy hug, then Wendy turns to go.


Wendy: Goodbye, Peter. I’ll see you soon.


Peter: Bye, Wendy. Yes, I’ll come back for you.


Wendy exits stage, then blackout. Mrs. Darling is hunched up in the corner of the stage, and Wendy, John and Michael enter slowly.


Michael: Do you think she remembers us?


John: For goodness sake, Michael! We’ve travelled all this way and now you don’t even want to see her!


Wendy: Shut up! Arg, the door’s locked here, lets go round the back.


Peter and melody appear at the side of the stage.


Peter: It’s Wendy’s Mother. She’s pretty, isn’t she?


Melody: Yes, very pretty. Not as pretty as me though.


Peter: Stop it! But look at her.


Melody: What?


Peter: She’s sad. Look, she’s crying.


Melody: Well, obviously. She loves them, Peter.


Peter: No she doesn’t! I’ll love them better than she ever will! (Miming banging on the glass) I love them too, lady! We can’t both have her!


Melody: (Grabs Peter’s shoulder) Peter. Come on, it’s time to let go.


They exit stage. Then Wendy, John and Michael enter the room. Michael looks around him, as if uncertain.


Michael: John, I think I have been here before.


John: Of course you have, stupid. This is our Granny and Grandpa’s home.


Michael: Yes. Of course. I… knew that.


Wendy: And there is Mum!


John and Michael: Mum!


Wendy: She can’t hear us from outside. Shall we go in?


Michael: Let’s put our hands over her eyes!


Mrs. Darling begins to yawn and stretch, and she lies down to sleep.


John: Oh no! Look, Wendy! Mum’s going to sleep! She’s going to sleep!


Wendy: Don’t worry, John! See here, why don’t we all go to sleep around her, and then when she wakes up in the morning, she will find us all lying around her!


John and Michael: Yes, let’s!


The children all lie down around Mrs. Darling and go to sleep. Then the two J.M. Barrie’s enter from either side.


J.M. Barrie 1: And so they did, the children slept and slept, and dreamt of Melody, radiant and beautiful; and the vicious gang they had escaped. But Wendy dreamt of Peter, and she missed him with all her heart.


J.M. Barrie 2: Funnily enough, Mrs. Darling dreamt of her children, the children she had left, the children whom she had not failed to love. And her heart almost burst with the pain from losing them.


J.M. Barrie 1: When the morning broke, and the sun streamed through all the peeps in the curtains, Wendy’s mother awoke.


(Mrs. Darling wake up, get up and look around her in amazement).


She saw them, but she did not believe they were there.


J.M. Barrie 2: You see Mrs. Darling had many dreams of her children lying around her, so she thought this was still the dream hanging over her.


Mrs. Darling: Matthew! Phillipa! Come here!


The grandparents come rushing in.


Matthew: What is it dear?


Phillipa: Are you awake, poppet?


Mrs. Darling: Tell me, are my children here, asleep, or am I dreaming again?


 Matthew: They are here, dear. Why? Did you lose them?


Mrs. Darling: (Laughs) Oh, my children, my dear, dear children!


At that moment the Wendy, John and Michael get up and run to their Mother and hug them. Peter enters and watches them.


J.M. Barrie 1: There could have been a lovelier sight. But there was none to see it except a strange boy who was staring in at the window. He had ecstasies innumerable that other children can never know; but he was looking through the window at the one joy from which he must be forever barred.


J.M. Barrie 2: But we must not forget the poor little lost boys who travelled so far with Wendy and her brothers.


The lost boys come running in and Mrs. Darling hugs each one of them.


Of course, Mrs. Darling agreed to adopt them, and all was well in the Darling household.


J.M. Barrie 1: But as for the gang, they were leading a simple life in the country, harvesting corn and wheat and maize for the hungry villagers. Their life was dull and a lot of hard work, but they were happy in their own little way.


J.M. Barrie 2: For Hook always kept in his mind that if he was happy, he would be able to fly, but we shall leave him to figure that out.


J.M. Barrie 1: And it is right and true to mention that Wendy waited everyday of her life at the window,


Wendy moves over to front of stage and mimes as if she is leaning on a windowpane.


Waiting for Peter to take her to Neverland. But he never came.


Blackout. Enter Jane. She goes to the bed, starts to read her book, but then closes it.


Jane: Night, Mum!


Wendy: Night, darling!


Jane lies down to sleep, and Wendy is about to leave the room when Peter enters. Wendy jumps back, frightened.


Peter: Hello, Wendy!


Wendy: Um… Hello…. Hello, Peter.


Peter: Wendy, where is John?


Wendy: John is not… here now.


Peter: (Walking over to Jane) And this must be Michael!


Wendy: Um… No… That is…


Peter: A new one?


Wendy: Yes.


Peter: Boy or girl?


Wendy: Girl.


Peter: A girl! With all the lost boys?


Wendy: The lost boys are… Gone too.


Peter: Oh well. They were lost once, can’t hurt to be lost again.


Wendy: Peter? Are you expecting me to… To run away with you?


Peter: No, Wendy, to fly, to fly!


Wendy: I can’t, Peter. I am old, now.


Peter: No!


Wendy: Yes. I grew up long ago. I am a married woman.


Peter: No!


Wendy: And the little girl… That girl is my baby.


Peter: No!


Wendy runs out the room. Peter sits on the ground and sobs. Then Jane wakes up and see’s him.


Jane: Boy? Why are you crying?


Blackout.  Bowing.


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