This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


7. Scene 7: Melody


Michael is tied up with his arms above his head with a piece of rope. All the gang is present, Starkey and Ed Teynte are observing a map, Bill Jukes and Cecco are playing cards and Hook is impatiently pacing up and down. Suddenly Noodler and Skylights race in, and stand there, panting.


Skylights: Noodler!


Hook: Well? Did you find them?


Smee looks as if he is just about to say something, then Hook interrupts.


Hook: Well I truly hope you did, because I wouldn’t like to use Gold gun’s precious bullets on you.


Noodler: Um… I was just about to tell you that…


Smee: We’re very sorry that…


Children race onto the stage. John leads the group.


John: It’s Michael! We’ve found Michael!


Children all run to Michael, and start to untie him and hug him.


Smee: We couldn’t have found them sooner!


Hook: Well done, boys! You’ve done so well! However, you haven’t delivered the whole of my promise.


Gang: What?


Noodler: But sir, you asked us to find the kids, and we did!


Smee: You didn’t ask us to do anything else.


Starkey: You didn’t sir!


Hook: Shut up! Boys, you don’t seem to realize that by ‘kids’ I meant all of the kids. Think of the one kid you’ve forgotten.


Smee: Um…


Noodler: Um…


Starkey: Um…


Hook: It’s Peter for goodness sake!


Smee: But sir, we did find Peter!


Noodler: Yes sir we were talking to him just half an hour ago.


Hook: Where…(Hook takes out the golden gun and places it against Noodler’s head) is he then?


Skylights: No!


At that moment Peter runs in.


Peter: Wait! Wait! Don’t… Hang on, what’s going on here?


Hook: (Taking the gun away from Noodler’s head) Oh what a lovely surprise! Noodler, you know just how to get me!


Noodler: Er… Thanks sir. (Walks over to Skylights and sits there)


Hook: Peter, Peter, Peter. How sublime for you to grace us with your gorgeous presence.


Peter: (Taking Smee’s collar) You heard what I said. What’s going on?


Noodler: I’m sorry, Peter.


Smee: (Shaking Peter off) Don’t apologize to him! He deserved what he got.


Ed Teynte: We need you to be here.


Peter: But what if I won’t tell you where Melody is? What happens then?


Bill Jukes: Either you tell us where Melody is, or fetch her yourself, or… the children die.


The children drop but leave their arms up.


Peter: Hook! I’m begging you, from the bottom of my heart. You’re the one who wants me dead, why can’t it be me?


Children all spring up suddenly.


Hook: Tempting… (He suddenly pulls out the Golden Gun and holds it against Peter’s head.) Very tempting…

Melody: No! Wait!


Melody comes walking into the room. Everyone in the room gasps. Then Peter runs up to her and drags her to the corner of the stage.


Peter: Melody, what on earth are you doing here?


The gang begins circling around Melody and Peter, the children go and sit with each other on the opposite corner of the stage.


You can’t be here! There after you, not only the powder but your blood!


Wendy: Who on earth would be able to kill an innocent eight year old girl?


Melody: Nine, actually.


Peter: They don’t have a soul! Any of them!


John: Little, heartless monsters, the lot of them.


Melody: Hook! Hook! I’ve got the powder! Don’t kill Peter, please don’t!


Hook: Ok, little Melody, I promise I won’t touch a hair on precious Peter’s head… If you give me the powder.


Melody: Anything, anything! (She fumbles in her shoulder bag for the box, which she pulls out.)


Peter: No, Melody, wait! Hook, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s nine for goodness sake!


Cecco: Which is exactly why she can choose. Come on, Melody. Make your choice.


Starkey: Give us the powder, or all these people die.


Melody looks around, then slowly opens the box. She sighs, closes the lid, and hands it over to Hook. Hook reaches his hand out slowly, then snatches it. He takes a deep breath.


Hook: Finally, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for these past fifteen years! Power, supreme power. What any human would do to fly? After this, I can rob any bank I want to, not just the biggest in London but the biggest in the whole world!


Skylights: Come on sir, can we see what’s in the box, now?


Hook: Patience my boy, patience. We will have all the time in the world once we have the… MAGIC POWDER!

Gang: What?


All the gang suddenly lift up Melody and Hook menacingly points the box at her.


Hook: Now this, this is the very last straw. You little vermin, where is the magic powder?!


Melody: There is none! Please don’t kill me sir, I’m too young to die!


Hook: Too young to die indeed! Boys, tie her up! I will not sleep until I see her rotten head blown off! Now! This very instant!


Melody starts being dragged away, the children start running after her.


Melody: Please! If you just let me explain!


Children: We’re begging you!


Hook: Alright, alright, (Sits down on chair) I’m in a gracious mood today.


Michael: Gracious?


Hook: Proceed!


Melody: The magic powder is a substitute.


Ed Teynte: Substitute for what?


Melody: For the real recipe for flying. Happy thoughts. Nice thoughts. Thoughts that are so light they float you up into the air.


Bill Jukes: (Makes a vomiting noise.)


All the gang laugh.


Melody: Well I had to come up with some sort of object, you lot wouldn’t have believed me if I didn’t.


Peter: Melody, is this true?


Melody: Well I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true, would I?


Curly: But I don’t…believe it…


Melody: Well don’t believe it if you don’t want to, but I know it is true.


Slightly: But…


Melody: (Walking towards crowd of children) You are just silly stupid senseless little children, who know nothing of the world and never will!


Wendy: Hang on! That’s exactly what Peter said the night we got captured.


Tootles: It was! It was!


Melody: Well we are…


Melody and Peter look at one another. Freeze frame of the whole cast. Then slowly they walk towards each other, and touch hands.


Melody and Peter: Related.


Black out. All characters leave the stage except Wendy and Peter. 

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