This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


6. Scene 6: Peter is tricked


When the lights come on            Peter is shown asleep still, and Smee and Noodler enter the stage, and creep behind Peter. At that moment Peter yawns and wakes up, and the two gang members run and hide behind two chairs. Peter gets up and walks over to the side where there is a glass of water. He is about to drink it, but then he hears Noodler sneeze. He walks back to the front of the stage.


Peter: Ok, guys. You don’t need to hide. I’m right here. You’re just doing your job, I know that.


Noodler: (Whispering loudly) How did he know we were here?


Smee: Beats me. But he’s right; we are only doing our job.


Smee and Noodler walk over to Peter and stand next to him, taking each of his shoulders.


Smee: I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with us, Peter.


Peter: What have I done, stolen one of your bandanas?


Noodler: We don’t wear… And anyway, it isn’t about that.


Peter: Isn’t it?


Smee: No, it’s about those nasty children you lived with.


Peter: Oh, them! Yes, I know them!


Noodler: Well we need you to come to them, they’re in terrible danger, see?


Peter: (laughing) Terrible danger? From… you?


Smee: I can be very scary when I want to, Peter. But back to the point, you need to come with us. (Start dragging Peter away).


Peter: Certainly, certainly, boys. But first, could I trouble you for the time?


Smee and Noodler sigh, and roll up their right sleeve, but they find no watch there. Peter waves their watches in front of their faces.


Peter: Now just one question, boys, do you really know who you’re dealing with? (He laughs, shaking his head and walks back to his bed, sitting down on it and taking out his phone.


Noodler: It’s nice to know that your hard-hearted, you’re not a softie.


Peter: Huh! Hard-hearted!


Smee: You’re just like us, Peter. You don’t care about things.


Noodler: So I suppose there’s no use trying to convince you to come with us.


Peter: Yup, no use. I can come rescue them whenever I want to.


Smee: Of course, of course. We forget how strong you are. But since I’ve got my watch back now, I can see that in five minutes twenty seconds exactly, the children will be destroyed by the golden gun.


Peter: What?


Noodler: We tried to warn you!


Peter: But why? What have they ever done to you?


Smee: It’s not us, Peter. It’s you that’s caused them this terrible fate.


Peter: And what have I ever done to you? Oh… Melody.


Noodler: All that you need to do is get Melody and the magic powder, bring it to us and the children will go free.


Peter: But I promised Melody…


Smee: Well its up to you. But we’ll be…


Peter runs off stage. Smee and Noodler high five each other and walk off stage.


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