This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


4. Scene 4: Hook and Peter


Hook comes out of the wings and see’s Peter asleep on his bed. Hook looks around, see’s Michael’s teddy and shoves it in his pocket. Then he walks over to Peter and takes out a folded bit of paper from his pocket and opens it. Peter turns over. Young Peter and Peter’s Mum and Dad enter the stage. Hook sits down on the chair to read the paper. Peter reads.


Peter: Dear Wendy. Well, I don’t really know how to start this, if I’m honest. I’m not good at writing letters you see. Never had to. But anyway, I thought it about time to explain to you what’s been happening. I know that it’s a bit too late, seeing as you’re not around any more, but if I get to see you again, I hope I can give this to you.


I’ve already told you what happened when I ran away from home. But I never told you why I ran away from home. You’re never going to believe this, Wendy, (Melody appears on stage and Melody and young Peter freeze in positions) but one night when I was asleep, a young girl appeared at my window. (Switch to second position) I didn’t know this at the time, obviously, but I woke up when I heard her crying. I got out of bed, and walked over to her. Then I said…


Young Peter: Girl, why are you crying?


Melody: (Get’s up and curtsies) What’s your name?


Young Peter: Peter William Zephaniah Pan. What’s yours?


Melody: Melody.


Hook: Melody!


Young Peter: Well that’s an awfully short name. Is that all?


Melody: Yes.


Young Peter: I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…


Melody: Doesn’t matter.


Young Peter: Where do you live?


Melody: Second to the right, and then straight on till morning.


Young Peter: That’s a funny address.


Melody: No it isn’t.


Young Peter: I mean… Is that what they put on the letters?


Melody: Don’t get any letters.


Young Peter: Doesn’t your Mother get letters?


Melody: don’t have a Mother.


Young Peter: Oh Melody! No wonder why you were crying! (Runs to her)


Melody: I wasn’t crying because of Mothers. I have no desire to have any Mother at all.


Young Peter: Then why were you crying?


Melody: I was crying because I can’t get my shadow to stick on. Oh, but I wasn’t crying!


Young Peter: Of course not. It has come off?


Melody: Yes.


Young Peter: How awful! Have you tried to stick it back on?


Melody: Yes. With soap. But it isn’t working!


Young Peter: Dear me! I suppose we shall have to sew it on.


Melody: Sew?


Young Peter: Hold on one minute, I think my Mother’s sewing box is here somewhere… Ahh! Here it is!


Melody: Sew?


Young Peter: I dare say it will hurt a little.


Melody: Oh, I shan’t cry.


Young Peter sews the shadow on, and Melody clenches her teeth.


Young Peter: There! All done! That did not hurt, I hope.


Melody: (Jumping up and running around the room playing with shadow.) Oh how clever I am! What joy, oh the cleverness of me!


Young Peter: Your conceit! Of course, I did nothing.


Melody: Well, you did a little; I’ve got to admit.


Young Peter: A little! Well if I am no use I can at least withdraw! (Young Peter goes and hides in his bed, pulling the blanket over his face).


Melody: Peter! Don’t withdraw. I can’t help crowing, when I’m pleased with myself. Peter! Peter! Listen to me; one boy is worth twenty girls.


Young Peter: Do you really think so, Melody?


Melody: Yes, I do.


Young Peter: Well I think it’s perfectly sweet of you, and I shall get up again. But to thank you, I should like to give your ladyship a kiss.


Melody: I’d love one, Peter.


Melody holds out her hand and closes her eyes.


Young Peter: Surely you know what a kiss is?


Melody: Well I shall when you give one to me!


Young Peter drops a thimble into Melody’s hand.


Thank you, Peter. Now, shall I give you a kiss?


Young Peter: If you wish.


Melody drops an acorn onto Young Peter’s lap.


Young Peter: Thank you, Melody. I shall keep it with me for the rest of me life.


Melody: And me.


Young Peter: And Melody?


Melody: Yes?


Young Peter: How old are you?


Melody: I don’t know. Quite young, I think. But Peter, I ran away the day I was born.


Young Peter: The day you were born?


Melody: Yes, because I heard my Mother and Father talking about what I would be when I became a lady. I don’t want to ever be a lady! I always want to be a little girl and have fun. So I ran away to Kensington Gardens and lived with the fairies.


Young Peter: There is no such thing as fairies. I don’t believe in them!


Melody: NOOOOO! (Buries her head in her hands).


Young Peter: What! What is it?


Melody: I hope you’re proud of yourself. You’ve just murdered a fairy.


Young Peter: Oh I’m awfully sorry! But how did fairies come about?


Melody: Well, Peter, when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that is the beginning of fairies. There ought to be a fairy for every boy and girl.


Young Peter: Ought to be? Isn’t there?


Melody: No. There are people like you who grow to not believe in fairies. Every time a child says ‘I don’t believe in fairies’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls dead.


Young Peter: How horrible.


Melody: Yes, I know. But come on, no time to lose!


Young Peter: For what? For what?


Melody: To fly to Neverland of course, silly! There are oh so much horrible things in Neverland, you know! Pirates, beasts, Indians and these murderous horrendous little boys.


Young Peter: Then why do you want me to come? I don’t want to!


Melody: Because we need a leader! Someone like you, a big strong boy, to defend us against the beasts!


Young Peter: Well when you put it that way…


Melody: Come on! Melody and Young Peter run off stage. Hook is reading the letter in disbelief.


Peter: And so there I went, flying into the night with Melody, shimmering with the magical flying dust. There were all sorts of magical things there, Wendy. Mermaids, lagoons, ticking crocodiles and the most amazing adventures. And when I came home, after reading a story to the Lost Boys about how great a Mothers love is, I had no home. I came to live with you, but Melody’s still in Neverland, protecting the flying dust for another child. But now this gang has found out about Melody, and their aim is to find her and the dust, and use it to rob the biggest bank in London! Only I know where Melody is, and only I can get the magic dust. I need your help to stop them, Wendy! I can’t do it without you. Just give me one more chance….


Hook: Peter. He scrunches up the letter and storms out the room, chucking the piece of paper behind him. Peter turns over and talks in his sleep.


Peter: Second to the right, and then straight on till morning.


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