This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


3. Scene 3: Why are we in here?


The children are sitting down with each other, looking depressed. Curly is writing a letter, saying the words as he writes.


Curly: Dear Mother. How are you? I’m fine, thanks for asking. Wait! No… I’m great, I’m living with this nice girl called Wendy, and her brothers. And some other orphans, who got lost the same way I did. You’d like her Mum. So yeah, when I find you…


Tootles: What are you doing, writing to your Mum? You don’t have any clue where she is. How you going to send it?


Curly: I don’t know, stick it in an envelope?


Nibs: You can’t even read or write.


Curly: I don’t need to; I’ve memorized it from a letter John wrote to his Mum.


John: Oi! Snatches letter.


Wendy: Will you stop making such noise!


Michael: It’s bad enough we’re stuck here.


Curly:  I’m sorry, Wendy.


Wendy: No, I’m sorry, Curly. Go on. You write a letter to your Mum if you want to.


Curly carries on writing.


John: I’m glad you’re here with us, Wendy.


Twin 1: Yeah, we don’t know…


Twin 2: What we’d do without you.


Tootles: We need you for the thinking.


Wendy: And what if I wasn’t here? What if one day, you were stuck here on your own? What would you do then?


Children look down.


Thought as much. Why can’t you do something for yourselves for a change? Why is it always down to me? (Goes and stands in corner with arms crossed).


Nibs: We are grateful, you know Wendy.


Wendy: I need you to think about that. Someone’s got to look after this lot.


John: Why? You going somewhere?


Wendy: John, just look where we are now! Any day, any day we could be killed. And I’d be the first.


Nibs: But you’re the lady!


Wendy: And the oldest.


Slightly: But I don’t get it! Why are we in trouble because of this Melody, anyway?


Wendy: I don’t know. But I need to find out. John, look after the boys, Twins, guard the door, Tootles and Nibs, clear away the ropes, Slightly and Curly, prepare weapons.


Michael: I want my teddy, Wendy!


Wendy: I’m going to get your teddy, Michael. Just you wait. I’m going to get that teddy.


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