This is a play I wrote and directed for my school, it's basically a modern take on the classic Peter Pan tale although this story begins when Wendy is telling the story about mothers (which originally comes later in the book). I hope you enjoy!


2. Scene 2: The children are found


Michael: It’s the house sellers! The house sellers have found us!


John: You’ll never take us alive!


Wendy: Right, headcount! Sorry, could you stop for a minute? Thank you. (counts to eight) Ok, that’s fine, carry on!


Pirates drag children onto the stage and Smee and Hook walk on afterwards.


Hook: Well, well, well! What do we have here then?


Twin1: A very nice group…


Twin 2: Of young boys and…


Twin 1 + 2: One girl!


Smee: Shut up! Only speak when Hook speaks to you!


Wendy: Who are you?


Black: We are here because we think you might have something that belongs to us.


Wendy: What could we possibly have that belongs to you?


Starkey: A secret!  

Ed: A very special secret!

All gang: A very special secret indeed! (Gang laugh)


John: Is this something to do with Peter?


Hook: Peter? Peter?


Smee: We don’t know any Peter! (Gang laugh again)


Wendy: But do you? Because if it is we… We’re not speaking to him now, see?


Michael: So you can just CLEAR OFF!


Gang laugh


Hook: Oh dear, poor little pussychops! Did bad Hooky make you sad?


Gang laugh


Tootles: If we tell you where Peter is, will you let us go?


Curly: We’re on a journey now, see, and we’ve got to hurry!  

Hook: Why? Where are you going?


Curly: To find someone! Someone… very special.


Gang become interested and makes a circle around Curly.


We’ve got to find her, quick before she disappears again.


Bill: Did you just say? She?


Twin 1 + 2: Yes, yes, it’s a she! A very lovely she!


Hook: Is she… Young?


Children: Yes!


Hook: Pretty?


Children: Yes!


Hook: Hidden?


Children: Yes!


Hook: Possibly protecting something that only Peter knows about?


Nibs: Yes!

Wendy: Hang on… What has this got to do with our Mum?


Hook: Your… Wait a minute. I think that we might have possibly got the wrong end of the stick.


Slightly: How do you mean?


Cecco: You’re… Not looking for… Melody, are you?


Michael: No, our Mum’s called Mary.


 Gang make confused noises and look at each other in puzzlement.


Nibs: So now that all of this is sorted out now, can we all go?


Hook: Oh no no, my darling, we still need you lovely lot for a job we need to do.


John: Which is?


Smee: (Clears his throat) Well we need to capture you lot to blackmail Peter to tell us the secret destination is where Melody is hiding and that is where the powder is and the powder makes people fly which is what Peter used in Neverland to fly so now we want it so we can fly so Hook can use it to rob the biggest bank in the whole of London!


Michael: Could you repeat that, please?


Hook: oh you stupid STUPID man! Why did you tell them about the special powder?


Smee: I didn’t mean to, sir!


Hook: Oh well, they’re too naïve anyway to understand… Isn’t that right children?


Nibs: Which bank?


Hook: ARRRG! Tie them up, tie each one of them up! I want them gagged, strangled, stuffed and if possible, turned inside out and squeezed until their eyeballs pop out! Go!


 Gang drag the children out and Hook is left on the stage on his own (sitting on a chair) and thinking hard.


Hook: What to do, what to do? Sometimes it’s really hard being the leader of London’s biggest gang, you know. They are just so stupid! Please Hooky this, please Hooky that, sometimes I wish I could just pull the trigger on them I really do. But what to do about finding Melody? I know Peter knows where she is, but where is Peter? What is the use of keeping these sad little munchkins here without a reason, if they’re not even talking to Peter anymore? What if…


Smee: Excuse me, sir?


Hook: What is it?


Smee: The little one wants his teddy, sir. He said he won’t die quiet if he doesn’t have teddy with him!


Hook: And you believed him?


Smee: What was I supposed to do, sir? I’m not practiced with these little ‘uns, you know!


Hook: You were supposed to keep an’ eye on them, sir! How on Earth are we supposed to rob this bank, if I can’t even trust my right hand man?


Smee: You’re right hand…! Oh… I mean… I’m very sorry, sir!


Hook: Forget it. I’ll try and get the fleabag later, Smee. You go and start with supper.

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